Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: The Sweetest Thing

From Good Reads: If only everything in life was as simple as baking a cake...Jennie Copeland thought she knew the recipe for a happy life: marriage to her university sweetheart, a nice house in the suburbs and three beautiful children. But when her husband leaves her, she is forced to find a different recipe. And she thinks she's found just what she needs: a ramshackle house on the outskirts of the beautiful Talyton St George, a new cake-baking business, a dog, a horse, chickens...But life in the country is not quite as idyllic as she'd hoped, and Jennie can't help wondering whether neighboring farmer Guy Barnes was right when he told her she wouldn't last the year. Or perhaps the problem is that she's missing one vital ingredient to make her new life a success. Could Guy be the person to provide it?

My thoughts: Lately, I've been reading some pretty heavy books, so this book was just what I needed at the time. An easy, light hearted read this booked provided me a nice little escape into a genre I rarely read, romance. Set in the English country side, it’s a great read about a woman, her children and the charming, good looking yet less than thrilled to have new neighbors farmer next door.

The main character, Jennie, makes the life altering decision to move herself and her children away from city life for a fresh start. She is determined to create a new business and new life for her broken family and the book accurately captures the feelings and moods of all parties involved from the skeptical ex-husband to the struggling oldest child. As someone who once uprooted my own life to start over somewhere else, I could definitely relate to being an outsider in a town where everyone knows everyone else. You can’t help but root for Jennie and her family to make it in their new small, rural life setting.

All of the characters are well developed and while I could see where the story was going before it went there, this book is the perfect afternoon read for a mental break while keeping my attention. 

Disclaimer: I was provided this book by the publisher and TLC Book Tours but all thoughts and opinions are my own