Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Weekend Lesson

This past weekend, I headed to DC for a fun weekend filled with family and friends. I spent some great time with my stepsister and her husband, was reunited with Becky, and finally able to spend some time with Amber and Ashley.

The weekend involved a phenomenal Idina Menzel concert (if you ever have the opportunity to see this amazing artist, go! you won't be disappointed), kicking around the Museum of American History complete with a reenactment of a Civil Rights sit-in, a somber visit to the Holocaust Museum, and a lovely brunch in Old Town Alexandria. True to DC summers, the weather was hot and humid but the company was beyond fantastic.

While there were many great moments of the weekend, the most profound moment (at least for me) happened during lunch at the American History Museum. Becky, Amber, and I were relaxing around a table, picking at lunch, talking. A sweet older woman, a cafeteria worker who was wiping off tables, approached us, inquired to how we were doing. After a few brief moments, she left us with "a don't lose this." We assured we would hold tight to our phone and belongings as we dumped our trays, she quickly but gently corrected us "No, don't lose each other." And she was on her way.

To this dear woman, we were three friends having fun and sharing a meal, we obviously looked like close friends. No one would have guessed that less than 24 hours ago I had met Amber for the first time face to face or that we were three friends brought together by our blogs. Don't lose each other, exemplifies how I feel about  all my friendships, but particularly the friendships I've made through my blog.

These friendships have sustained me through some dark days,  supported me as I made difficult decisions, and at this point, I have a hard time remembering life without most of these friendships --whether I've met them in person or not. The woman's advice, "don't lose each other, " was a reminder to nurture and hold tight to those friendships with both hands and makes me realize how lucky I am to have found such an amazing circle of friends.

1) Washington Monument, from Downtown DC
2) Me, Amber, and Becky, at Wolftrap
3) Ashely's photo from our brunch in Old Town.