Friday, March 04, 2011

A Few Words Friday

The past week has been a difficult one for me and for a few of my friends. I haven't been able to find the words to share and I'm not sure I will. For some reason, words just didn't materialize. I've feel as if I've been a bird churned and tumultuously tossed about in a stormy sky. Thankfully I'm finding my wings, righting myself, and surrendering to the wind to gently lift me upwards once again. Peace is coming. When things go wrong its so very easy to lose sight of the important parts of life, like the amazingness that comes from witnessing everyday miracles and simply being alive.

I want to really live.
I want to laugh till my stomach tightens so much
that it aches and my legs hurt from my slapping them.
I want to cry from my gut and let the tears wash
me to where I need to go.
I want to hear the singing of my heart.
And let the sounds echo inside me
and I want to dance to that music.
I want to fill with compassion
and touch someone's face so gently
that they can feel the caring in my fingertips.
I want to love so deeply
that my cells vibrate with it
and just standing near me
you can feel the buzz of the vibrations.
I want to know that I am worthy and good
and I want to leave self-doubt on the highway.
I want to touch the sky
and recognize my soul in it.
I want to walk in the rain
and drop to my knees in gratitude
for this gift of life I have been given.
May I never EVER forget what a gift it truly is.