Monday, March 14, 2011

Enchanted Possibilities

The month of March has thrown me for a bit of an unexpected loop that leaves me with a lot of uncertainties. Uncertainties over trips I had hoped to make to see out of town friends. Uncertainties over relationships that may no longer be as solid as I thought they were. Uncertainties over my job which may end at the close of the month.

With these uncertainties come changes. Right now, I'm in the middle of these changes where its messy, complicated, and hard. There are times I feel empowered about decisions and the steps I'm taking. I have hope and faith that things will work out. Sometimes I'm incredibly weak, on the cusp of falling apart, and cry myself to sleep. There are multiple moments I pray for strength, guidance, and acceptance.

"The uncertainties of the present always give way to the enchanted possibilities of the future.” 
~Gelsey Kirkland
I'm attempting to find courage to believe in myself and to trust myself that all will work out as it should. I'm sending out resumes in hopes of finding a new job. I'm reminding myself that these hard, messy moments lead to new realizations. I am trying to remember to believe in the beauty of dreams, keeping in mind that uncertainties of today will be enchanted possibilities of tomorrow.