Sunday, March 06, 2011


Wrapping myself in a vibrantly hued afghan crocheted by my great grandma, knowing that her tiny hands created a loving masterpiece that provides both warmth and comfort. Cuddling with my golden retriever. Watching movies that my mom first introduced me to as a child, including Xanadu, and being reminded of the hours spent crouched next to the record player listening to the vinyl of the soundtrack. Catching up with some far away friends. Painting my nails with a new favorite color. Snuggling under my comforter for as long as I wanted because I had no place I needed to be. Knowing that sometimes chocolate chip cookies and a glass of  milk make me feel better regardless of how old I get.

Books with a cracked spine, picking up to some of my favorite novels and returning to some beautiful words. Pulling out my purple journal to write some thoughts and feelings while feeling like I was confiding in an old friend. Afternoon naps for no reason.  Wrapping my hands around a mug of hot coffee with caramel creamer. Eating some of my grandpa's apple butter on a slice of warm toast, being transported back to the fall day the apple butter was made. Listening to the rain hit my window pane, thinking of spring, and hoping it comes sooner rather than later.