Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I really want it to be Friday. I'm not having a particularly bad week, I'm just over it. I'm easily annoyed, short tempered, and generally just want to be able to sleep in, stay up ridiculously late, and do a whole lot of nothing in between.

Sometimes I log into my Goodreads account (are we friends?) for the first time in, oh a month or so, and am surprised by how little I've read lately. Its pretty safe to say I'm in a reading rut. I've picked up half a dozen or so books, only to toss them to the side with a sigh. I want to read something beautiful, something that takes my breath away, and moves me. Have any good recommendations?

Sometimes I have a really great giveaway that I'm really excited to tell you about, but I need pictures and that means locating my camera, taking pictures, uploading said pictures, then realizing that I haven't bothered to upload pictures from the past three or four months, then getting distracted and subsequently annoyed by putting them on facebook, and really, thats more than I can handle at the moment. I'm shooting for the weekend at this point.

Sometimes I'm really bad at commenting on blogs, especially all the new visitors that have been stopping by my site (Hi! Thanks for reading!). My goal is take a big blog tour this weekend to get to new and old friends sites (and be better in the upcoming weeks). Have a blog that I need to read? Link me!

Sometimes I take steps to make sure that I don't have to leave my house for an entire weekend. I've already hit the grocery store, ran some errands, and  avoided making plans with near by friends. The weather is supposed to be a nasty mix of cold rain and snow which basically means that in addition to my blog tour and tackling the insane amount of pictures  on my camera (most of which will be my teen cousins and I making faces and/or sticking our tongues out), I'm thinking of curling up under my favorite blanket and watching Gone With the Wind. Just because.

Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I _______________________________________.