Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chickbug's Back, But Only For A Day

 This guest post was written by my friend, Chickbug, who so kindly came out of retirement when I asked if she would fill in for a day.

Almost three years ago I started a blog and almost three weeks ago I ended it.  And in these three weeks I have felt completely lost. It was like my best friend just disappeared without warning. Except I did have warning. I thought long and hard about the decision to stop blogging. And while I do think I made the best decision...I didn't know it would be so hard!  And so I want to take this opportunity to write mini-one sentence blogs on everything that has been floating around in my head during my blog withdrawal.

- I want to set resolutions for 2010 but I'm feeling too disconnected with myself to consider what those goals should be.

- I'm 31 and made out with a 40-year-old on NYE...what should my age limit be?

- My anxiety has come back full throttle and I have had to work hard to not feel defeated by it.

- The 40-year-old is just not that into me.

- But Stella feels like she has her groove back.

- The Hangover, Avatar, Glee and Sandra Bullock should not have won Golden Globes (in my opinion).

- I need to stop talking about how much I love my job because I feel as if it annoys people.

- Should I go back into therapy?

I miss you guys. Thanks Mandy, for letting me back into the cool crowd for a day.


Anonymous said...

40 is totally resonable! i generally give myself a 10yr limit.
anxiety sucks!
forget about the 40 yr old! find a 41 yr old- older and wiser.
or be a cougar and find a 21 yr old!
because stella has her groove back!
i'm going to have to disagree with you about the golden globes.
i'm actually really happy that SOMEONE loves their job, so keep talking.
and therapy helps kicking anxiety's ass. give it a try if it doesn't work then quit. can't hurt.
and if you ever want to post one sentence blogs over at my place feel free. i'd be happy to have you.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun post! I don't think 40 is too old for you!

I think it's great that you love your job. I think you should keep talking about it because it reminds others that it's possible for a person to find something that they love.

Kyla Roma said...

When I took my blog offline last year I felt like I had literally lost a limb, it's scary how much it becomes part of your routine and your life!

Why not start another blog, but not have it be a full blog, just a tumblog or one where you can post little thoughts here and there? Your blog can be whatever you want it to be, it doesn't have to be a big deal if you don't want it to be.

And 40 isn't too old, if they're nice. =)

Ohmygoshi said...

Chickbug!!! Ohhh how I have missed you!! First of all, you go girl for getting your mack on with a 40 yr old. Personally, I don't think that's too old at all!

Anxiety does suck, and I hope you're getting through it alright.

Your blog and the community you created is thoroughly missed, but I think we all understand when someone needs to step back from the good ol' blog. We'll be here if and when you ever decide to come back! <3

Anonymous said...

On the age limit question: I generally think that ten years is a pretty good cutoff. But it all depends on a million factors (maturity level, age of the younger party -- if she's 15 and he's 25? Not okay. -- and so on). When I was 18 I "secretly" dated a 28-year-old.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Who cares how much older he is. If he's hot and makes you feel sexy, that's all that matters.

I fell asleep during The Hangover. Those kinds of movies may be funny (for some people), but definitely are not award-worthy. Glee - couldn't get through one episode; I hate musicals. Avatar deserves accolades for taking movie-making to the next level, but the content of that movie was less than impressive. And I didn't see Sandra Bullock's movie, so I'll leave that one up for debate.

Anonymous said...

i second somi wholeheartedly! if i had set an age limit with my boyfriend, i wouldn't be as happy as i am or in the most wonderful relationship ever for the past 2 years. he's 13 years older than me, and it's perfect.

Katie said...

Oh Chickbug, I miss you. But I'm glad you're still around and commenting.

I'm constantly wondering what my age reset button should be for guys I look for. I'm 28, and I feel uncomfortable dating anyone older or younger than 28. (Which narrows the dating field way too much.) I still feel like I'm a kid, but I'm having a hard time relating to 24/25 y/os. We're in very different places. And I still think I'm not old enough to date someone older than me.

It's a weird limbo.

(But in my head, rationally, I think 40 is not too old. And I hate boys that just aren't that into you. Maybe not hate. But I definitely don't like them either.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with kissing a guy who is 9 years older than you. Go with what you're comfortable with!

It's great that you love your job; be proud of it.

Resolutions are overrated.