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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All The Things

Since moving home nearly four weeks ago, I've been busy catching up on life. I'm feeling a bit like someone who has been asleep for nine months only to awaken with an urgent, incessant need to do all the things that couldn't be done during those previous months.

 Chandelier at the Benedum Theater in Pittsburgh.

There has been visiting with friends (some I hadn't seen in well over six months), deck drinking, and coffee dates. I've been shopping and spending time in Pittsburgh with my mom seeing a play. I've been cooking and baking lots of food that I wanted to make, but didn't because cooking for one just wasn't as much fun. There has been lots of hanging out time; making string art on the deck with a new crafty friend and sleepovers with one of my cousins. There's been a lot of trying to help my mom who is now taking care of my stepfather at home. I've been doing lots of cuddling with my dog, because, how could I not?

Oh how I missed my dog! I like to think she missed me too.

I'm just now settling into somewhat of a routine. Slowing down and realizing that, I'm home, I don't have to do everything at once. I'm starting to feel like I'm getting all the things I've yearned to do for nine long months crossed off my mind's list. I'm making plans for upcoming months which include a long weekend in DC and a close friend's wedding/big friend get together in October. I'm slowly (very slowly) starting to unpack boxes. Maybe one of these day's I'll even get around to finally unpacking the trunk of my car.

I'm looking forward to making much more frequent use of this space and stopping by your spaces. I miss the blogging community and knowing what's going on in each of your worlds. So, tell me, what have you been up to? When you've been a way for a time do you feel the need to catch up on all the things you may have missed?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being Rescued (An Opportunity to Help Out)

Animal rescue is a cause that's incredibly close to my heart. My own dog, Sandy, came to my family by way of a wonderful organization here in Ohio, Golden Endings. She spent 6 months in a correctional facility with a handler where she was taught manners, was house broken, and was incredibly well cared for. My heart breaks when I look at my dogs innocent big brown eyes and realize that someone gave her away and possibly mistreated her. Their loss was my gain. I would adopt every dog if I had the money and the space for them, unfortunately I don't but, I try to help when I can.

The Golden Endings organization put together a 2011 calendar to raise money to help care for the dogs like Sandy; dogs who are currently housed in a prison program or a foster home. Some of the dogs are abused and need special medical attention; all dogs are give shots, put on preventative medicine like heart worm meds. With the economy in the sad state that its in, the rescue is taking in more dogs than ever. As you might imagine, vet costs and basic needs are expensive. 

Sandy was one of the dogs chosen to be in the calendar, which I consider a special honor and privilege. If you would like to help by ordering a calendar, please go to this site to place an order. Or maybe just make a donation to an animal rescue of your choice. Most organizations will happily accept food, toys, treats, etc. I know times are hard and money is often short, but every little bit helps and does make a difference.

 Sandy attempting to "play" with the fish in the pond.


The following is a piece I wrote for the Golden Endings Newsletter, a few  months ago.

Sandy joined our family over three years ago, its hard to believe its been such a short time. My family met Sandy – a mild mannered reddish hued Golden on a Friday night exactly one week after releasing our first 17.5 year old dog from her pain.

Making the decision to bring another dog into our home so quickly wasn’t a decision we made lightly. In fact, all the food and dog treats had been given away, the dog house (that had never been used) was donated, water and food bowls picked up and put away. However after two days of a house that felt completely empty without calming presence of a four legged family member was torturous. There was no jingling of a collar, no contended sighs, and coming home was almost unbearable with no one to great us at the door.

When my brother found out we were going to meet a Golden, he became upset, “Its too soon, we’re not ready.” On that summer Friday evening, he begrudgingly went with us, mumbling under his breath. As we stepped out of the car, the wonderful woman who works on behalf of the rescue organization, opened her van door and out bounded Sandy. She was incredibly excited, wiggling her entire body as fast as she could. After quickly making the rounds for a quick pet, she went back to my brother who had crouched down. With her long flowing tail beating against the ground, her big, warm brown eyes looked into his face as if to say “It’s ok if I come home with you, right?” He responded with a playful pat on her head, we all knew that Sandy would be coming home with us.

Over the past few years, while Sandy has a special bond with each of us, the bond between her and my brother has surpassed all of those. In some way that can’t be verbally explained, Sandy knew that my brother needed her most to help him get over the grief of losing our other dog. We all needed her to help heal our hearts and move forward. She has given us unconditional love and loyalty. She makes us laugh daily with her human like expressions, antics, and moods. When we've had a bad day and just want a hug, she patiently sits there as we wrap ourselves around her, kissing her forehead. She reminds us to stop whatever it is we're doing for some fun or just a belly rub. She makes our lives complete.

Its easy for us human beings to rescue a dog-- to give them shelter, food and love. What we don't realize though is that usually we're the one's being rescued by these magnificent creatures.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Trying Out For The Cadbury Bunny Commercial?

Sandy's thinking of trying out for the Cadbury bunny commercial. I think she has a good shot, don't you?

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simple Beauty

We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

For various reasons, this week has been one of those weeks. I feel both physically and emotionally drained. I’m worried too, about the state of the economy and my job. I want to make changes in my life, which leaves me filled with a sense of excitement and anxiety. Some of these thoughts terrify me. Most of these worries are over things that I have no control over. Once again I am left fighting an internal battle, one that I am currently losing, over things that I can control and those that I can’t. One of these days I will learn the difference, or maybe I won’t. Maybe its one of those on going processes that is never quite finished.

I had some errands to run today on my lunch hour all of which I was able to complete surprisingly quickly. Left with more than 40 minutes, I went to a nearby park, and drove to a secluded spot at the top of a hill overlooking a lake and playground. Its once of those deceptively nice days today, the sun is out but there is a cool breeze. Undeterred, I rolled down the windows, turned the car off and just sat back, closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me. When I opened them I noticed an older man and his dog. They were sitting on top of a picnic table, the man tenderly stroking his aged Golden Retrievers white fur slowly and methodically. The mans face was lined with creases and the dogs eyes showed a wise maturity as his head rested on his paws. They were completely content to be sitting there, enjoying each others company. Enjoying the cool, yet sunny day and just seemed happy being together.

There in that moment, the sight of the man and his dog was astonishingly beautiful. It was a simple, elegant beauty that gently reminded me to always keep in mind the simple things in life. An email from a friend. Finding a few dollars in a coat you haven’t worn since last year. A cup of coffee enjoyed in complete silence while watching the sun rise. The sound of a friends laughter over a treasured memory. The simple act of calmly stroking your loyal dogs fur.

No matter what happens, no matter what sort of turmoil is going on around or within me, there will always be so many simple beautiful moments. I just have to open my eyes and look. And when I do, my worries and fears are instantly calmed, even if only for a little while.

Where have you found beauty today?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This morning I took Sandy to the local Petco to get her picture taken for Valentines Day. (Sorry the quality isn't the greatest, the scanner died so its a picture of the picture.)

While most people think of Friday the 13th as a day of bad luck, it may just be my new lucky day. I spent Friday evening drinking strawberry margarita's and sharing appetizers with one of my best friends and a few other people we know. While swapping stories of the week and plans for the weekend, my cell phone rang. I was the winner of a raffle drawing for a Valentine's Day basket filled with all sorts of fun things -- hair products, nail products and nail polishes, picture frames, and a gorgeous pink scarf. Excitement! I hardly ever win anything. After going to the movie theater to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, I was greeted at home by a package from my Blog Valentine. Inside the package? A Little Miss Sunshine tote bag with shower gel, lotion, and body spray (that smells heavenly!) and a huge big bag full of green M&M's!! Who was my Blog Valentine? The wonderful Nora from Walking Through The Rain.

Thank you so much Nora, it completely made my day and a thank you to Ashley for organizing such a fun blogger event!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby (and some confectionery goodness and incredibly good news)

This is what I woke up to this morning....

Snow, freezing rain, ice, and now more snow. Our county and a few of the surrounding counties are under a level three snow emergency which means no one goes anywhere and if you do feel the need to go out, you could potentially be arrested. While winter and I don't get along, I was glad to not have to get out of the toasty cocoon that I had made overnight out of my down alternative comforter and my favorite blanket.

I slept in, read part of a book, played with the dog, and talked to a few friends. I did venture out after it had warmed up a little to un-chunk my car. Unchunk? You Southerners may ask, yes unchunck, which involves using a scraper to chunk ice off your vehicle. Sounds like fun right? Ok, not so much. While I was outside the snow kept falling harder and promptly covered the driveways that my brother had just shoveled.

Sandy may be the only member of my family who doesn't mind the cold snowy weather. She thinks the outside is her own personal snowcone machine. She romps around then promptly flops down to eat the snow. Our neighbors driveway is a downward slope, last winter she figured out how much fun it was to slide down and this was the first opportunity she had. Catching snowballs (or in this case slush balls) is also a favorite past time.


In other completely unrelated news, using the kitchenaid mixer makes me incredibly happy. My family celebrated my grandma's birthday over the weekend. Store bought ice cream cakes seems to be big with the kids in our family, but my mom volunteered to get the cake for the party and we decided to do something different. I have a slight obsession with pull apart cupcake cakes, so thats what we had. I helped bake the cupcakes but Big T gets all the credit for decorating them.

I also successfully made a red velvet cake earlier this week from scratch!

Lastly, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for my friend who faced a very scary cancer diagnosis. For the past few days she has been undergoing a massive battery of tests, PET scans, and biopsies in the big city a few hours away for a second and third opinion about her cancer returning. While there is a mass that will need to be removed, a group of doctors at the Ohio State University cancer center have determined that the mass is not cancerous but rather a type fatty tissue mass that can cause false positive test results. I cannot tell you how happy she is at the moment and how thankful the rest of us are. We are hoping to be able to have a huge celebration soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Let Their Looks Fool You

For three seconds all was quiet and I was able to get this picture.

The rest of the weekend it was fighting over bones or seeing who could be the more dominant. There were tugging contests. Tromping over each other to see who could get the first pet by the person who just walked through the door. Pure chaos! Three dogs is way too many. I am more than happy with my one laid back golden who thinks shes a human.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Please take a minute or two sometime in the next few days to remember those serving in the United States military who will be away from their families this year.

What are your favorite holiday memories?

May your holiday season be merry and bright!! Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sandy Wanted In On The Charity Challenge Too!

A year and a half ago our family was introduced to am amazing woman who has done incredible work in the area of animal rescue. She has devoted her life to finding homes for abused and surrendered goldens. Judy is the person my mom and I called just a few days after losing our first dog. She listened as we cried, told her the story of how we had gotten the name of her organization, and she was the one who found us Sandy.

Sandy was adopted through the Golden Endings program based in Columbus. Fortunately for us, they also have some great folks who help people in our part of the state who work on behalf of the program. This rescue takes wonderful care of all the dogs in there program. Young, old, abused, neglected, abandoned, or surrendered--they take them all and care for them regardless of their condition. Vet costs for some of the dogs is extraordinary, but Golden Endings does everything in their power to nurse the animals back to health so that they can be adopted out to good homes. The dogs are either in foster care or in a correctional facility program.

When she was a little under a year old, Sandy's original owner lost his job so their family could no longer afford to keep their growing pup. She was surrendered to Golden Endings and then placed in the local correctional facility. Her handler did an outstanding job with her. She was with him 24/7 while he trained her teaching her manners and tricks. He crate trained her and she was housebroken. He sent a letter along with Judy the night we brought her home with us--it was evident how much he cared for Sandy.She spent six months with him. The "prison program" as its called was one of the major deciding factors when we made the decision to adopt another dog. For the price we paid for a full blooded golden that came trained was not all that much more than we would have paid at the country shelter. While I know shelter dogs need homes too, the fact that Sandy was also coming with a clean bill of health and knowing that she had been cared for and loved for the past several months was a huge relief. She's been with our family for over a year and half now. She is spoiled rotten and a dog diva if there ever was one.

When our family received its latest copy of the Golden Endings newsletter, it stated that due in large part to the economy more and more goldens were being surrendered and abandoned. The program took in more dogs in the first ten months of this year than it had in all of last year--and they only take golden retrievers! Can you imagine how many other animals have been left behind? The thought breaks my heart. While our family always make a donation to the organization, this year we wanted to do more. The program usually houses a dozen or so dogs at the local correctional facility and they are in need of things like toys and treats--so thats what we went shopping for; some of Sandy's favorite things -- peanut butter bones, raw hide chews, and rope tug toys.

Its a little way for me to give back to the handlers and the program for all the great things they do with the goldens. Unfortunately when times get hard, a lot of people forget about the animals that need help too.


In other Charity Challenge posts and updates:

Alexa wrote a great story about giving her family a goat for Christmas last year.

Katie has linked her favorite charities in her sidebar.

Little Fish continues to post great giving opportunities at the end of her posts.

Cameo is updating her pics and matching Starbucks drinks for her (RED) Challenge.

Rachel is still accepting donations for the Lupus Foundation. In addition, every Tuesday and Thursday she is posting ideas on how you can become involved in the fight for equality.

Its not too late to get involved! The Charity Challenge runs though the end of the year. If you've posted and I haven't linked it yet to the sidebar, leave me a comment or email me. If you are at a loss of what to do, take a look at what the other bloggers are posting about (on the sidebar) or go to the website Don't Almost Give for other ideas. Little things can make such a huge difference. YOU can make a huge difference.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

Today as most of us here in the states prepare to carve the turkey, eat yummy sides, and devour desserts I think taking a few minutes to recall what we are thankful for is important. This year I am thankful for:

* My family--they love me unconditionally and honestly, there aren't words to describe everything they do for me time and time again. They provide me with a sense of belonging and I would be lost without them. When I say I have the best mother and brother, I truly believe that.

* My friends--we are a close knit bunch and over the years they have become my family too. I can count on them and this year we have made so many priceless memories, they have provided me with laughs (and alcohol) when needed. They are the people who know me, the real me and love despite my numerous flaws.

* My dog--she is always happy when I come home and its nice to have someone be so excited to see me, even if I just go to the mailbox.

* My blogger friends--I didn't know when I first started blogging what a great sense of community it would provide. I turn to you all for advice, opinions, to share news, and when I just need to ramble. You have all enriched my life in more ways than you know.

* My job--we're living in a tough economy right now. I am thankful that I have a job that provides me with enough money to pay my bills and allow me to live comfortably.

* My car--it gets me where I need to go, is incredibly reliable and makes me feel safe on the road.

There are so many other things I am grateful for, I have much more than I need. I am also thankful that I live in a country where differences are embraced, where its ok to not share the same beliefs as my neighbor, where I can speak out against injustice without being prosecuted, where I am free. I am also thankful for the service men and woman who are spending this Thanksgiving apart from their families in different parts of the world so that I may be with mine.

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Slowing Down

Lately I feel like I’ve been rushing in every aspect of my life—home, work, friends, family, everything. There is always someone I need to call, an email that needs to be sent here or there, a project that needs to get finished, a blog that needs to be written, a laptop that’s died, bills that need to be paid, Christmas shopping that has to get done, plans that have to be finalized….its a never ending process. While I love all that of that, sometimes I just need to get back to me, as selfish as that may sound. I need to leave everything behind sometimes and just go be.

On Saturday I felt like the world was just closing in on me and I needed to get away. Where? I had no idea, but in the afternoon my dog and I jumped in the car with no destination in mind. It was raining, as it had been all day so we just drove around the Valley. Soon the rain let up some and I headed to a local park where I somehow always end up when I need to center myself. It’s a place where the dog can roam free and there aren’t typically a lot of people around, which was exactly what I needed at the moment.

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
~John Muir

We were there at the perfect time, due to the weather and the never ending drizzle, it was isolated. Sandy loved being able to run free chasing and jumping after leaves that were kicked up by the wind. I threw stick after stick for her until she tired of that and then we just walked and played around. Sometimes she would slide on the wet leaves sideways; other times just plop down and sigh. The clouds that hung in the air were quickly moving, gray and on occasion a hint of sun would shine down on us. The wind was bitterly cold and strong, the kind you have to brace yourself against. It blew my hair in every direction and scattered leaves that were just barely clinging to the trees. As Sandy and I walked to the top of the hill a gust came bearing down us. Sandy just sat down and held her head up feeling it blow past her. For some reason I held out my arms, threw my head back , closed my eyes, and just felt the rain sting my skin and the cold air hurtle past me taking with it all my worries and troubles. I can’t tell you how long I stood there; it couldn’t have been more than a few moments. Soon after the rain picked up again sending Sandy and I back to the car. My hair was completely windblown, my cheeks rosy pink from spending a few hours out in the elements, the tips of my ears burning from the chill in the air. Sandy was muddy and smelled like wet dog. I wouldn’t have traded those two hours for anything.

I don’t really consider myself an outdoorsy type of person, but for me there is something about going to this park and just being out in nature. It restores my soul, helps me put things back into perspective, lets me slow down and just relaxes me. It reminds me that this too shall pass-- that my troubles and worries of the moment are only temporary, they to go just like the seasons. It reminds me to savor the moment and appreciate it for what it is—a specific moment in time. It allows me to just be....

As a side note, my laptop died over the weekend so I am way behind on blogs, comments, and messages. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my new one will arrive by the end of the week. Many thanks to my friend who had to endure multiple phone calls from me as I was shopping for a new one --I appreciate it!!

Don’t forget about the Charity Challenge!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

I am heading to Columbus to attend the Annual Halloween party. I have basically failed at blogging this week. Life has been busy and my Reader is out of control. Hopefully next week, things will be back to normal. Its been one of those weeks this week. As a friend said "one of those weeks requires one of those weekends;" so I am taking her advice to heart. This weekend there will be three flavors of jello shots. There will be whiskey sours. There will be beer. Lots and lots of beer. We will be Monster Mash-ing and Time Warp-ing. There will be lots of sugar and chocolate goodness consumed. Pictures will be taken. It will be a two day hangover. It will be one of those weekends and it will be rocked!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Celebrate A Birthday, Doggy Style

I am feeling a bit under the weather so instead of a post, tonight for your viewing pleasure I give you "How to Celebrate a Birthday, Doggy Style." There was everything from cupcakes to alcohol. Yeah, Sandy's a wild one...and I wonder why my dog acts like she's not a dog.

First, there was posing outside by the pumpkins.

Then we made cupcakes.

Its not a party unless there is a tiara.

And of course there were presents.

She was so excited, she actually rolled over...

What's a party without a little alcohol?

Which may or may not have lead to a little hangover the next morning.


And just in case you were wondering, this is how you turn a Golden Retriever into a ladybug...

Monday, October 06, 2008

Missing Link

It seems as if scientists are always searching for the missing link. You know, the link that connects us humans to animals. The one creature that possesses characteristics of both. While I think I have gone on a date or two with such creatures. After some recent events, I am convinced the missing link is living right under my roof.

Sandy, she's the missing link! Over a year and half ago when she came to live with us she was a dog. She knew she was a dog, she acted like a dog. She did dog like things -- played fetch occasionally (shes never been a high energy dog), barked at strange noises or people, acted like a guard dog even though in reality she would have rolled over for a belly rub. She came from the prison so she was a morning dog. I could count on her to stick her big mug complete with dog breath in my face before my alarm went off looking at me as if to say "Get up, its time to play." While she never had much interest in a fluffy dog bed, she instead opted for a carpet sample that she was content to sleep on very night.

Well my friends, those days are long gone. With each passing day my dog become less of a dog and more human. Now if you throw a stick for her she will happily trot after it a time or two. Any more than that she starts to roll her eyes at you. After a forth or fifth time, she just lays down and give you a look clearing stating "Go get your own damn stick, you were the stupid one who threw it." Even with lots of prompting and promises of treats you might was well go get the stick or toy yourself. As for barking at strange people or sounds. If you say "Sandy, let 'em know this your house," she might attempt a half hearted bark, but don't count on her to lift up her head or stop what shes doing. Now in the mornings, if you turn the light on where ever she happens to be sleeping she grumbles and hmmpffs. As for sleeping. She now prefers the couch complete with her head on one of the pillows. And if you take one of the pillows, she will fight you for it. She also really enjoys my brothers bed.

She has an attitude, shes a dog diva! She loves to be told she's pretty. If we're shopping in the pet store, out in public or she just hears the word pretty she stretches out her heard, elongates her neck and gives a paw, like shes the queen awaiting your kiss and curtsy. When she wants her chin scratched, instead of doing it herself, she will walk over to you and put her head in your lap. If you dont' respond immediately, she will nudge you and start to whimper. If she thinks she's not getting any attention, she cries a low sorrowful cry and go into a full body wiggle. She loves getting wiped down with fresh scent dog wipes and will carry around her brush in her mouth when she wants brushed. The kicker? Last week she saw me brushing my teeth, then SAT in front of the bathroom closest (and refused to budge)until I finally figured out what she wanted. As soon as I pulled her toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste out she laid down, starting beating her tail against the floor and looked at me like I was crazy for not realizing that she wanted HER teeth brushed too. Yeah, I was a few minutes late for work that morning because I didnt factor in time to for brushing the dogs teeth. (She LOVES it!)

We of course all blame her spoiledness on each other. I say its my brother, who talks to her like a baby. He says it my mom who gives into her every whim when it comes to Sandy's kong toy and peanut butter. She says its me who always tells her how pretty she is when I've stuck some crazy headband on her head to get a good picture. Whomevers fault it is, Sandy is clearly more than a dog, shes a full fledged member of the family. And I honestly expect her to start walking upright, on her back two paws any day now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I have been having a nice, peaceful, and yes, lazy weekend. The weather is absolutely perfect--not too hot, not too cool. So far the weekend has included a visit from my stepsister, her boyfriend, and their dog. A cookout, followed by beers and hanging out on the back deck swapping stories and watching the sun set. A rain storm yesterday afternoon, which provided the great excuse for an afternoon nap. Playing with two dogs instead of one. Catching up and making plans for fall. Discussing plans for Thanksgiving, a different type rather than our usual. Nothing
terribly exciting for a weekend but fun just the same. Its good to have lazy weekend to just relax, enjoy the little things, and drink a beer.

Cloud watching...

Some of Big T's Black-eyed Susans...

Sandy and Sara taking a break...

How has your weekend been?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Fights

Operation Bring Bosley Home has not been going smoothly and tomorrow he will be returning to the care of the rescue organization. When we picked him up on Monday, the wonderful lady who helped us get both Sandy and Bosley suggested we bring Bosley home to see how the two dogs interacted. We all had high hopes and really, really wanted everything to work out. The first night they were not great, but not bad with each other. They scrapped a little and we were expecting this, since we had both read and heard that dogs need to establish an order.

The past few days both Big T and I have spent the days in tears and with knots in our stomach. The dogs despise each other. To the point that there is no such thing as play fighting, in fact play fighting never really existed. Sandy and Bosley fight like dogs that have been bred for dog fights, practically mauling each other. I couldnt even watch it and had to go in the house. There is crying, yelping, deep throat growling and barking, hackles on end, and stick straight tails. Sandy has also started to shut down in a way that goes beyond being upset that there is another dog in the house.

Bosley's background is that of a wanderer. He has had to fend for himself, fight other dogs, and has most likely been abused. Which is by no means an easy life. We were initially going to wait it out a week or two, but tonight after a pretty bad fight, for the safety of both dogs a decision had to be made. There is no doubt in my mind that Bosley is an amazing and great dog. When we have him outside or in the house by himself he is wonderful. He is just a bit too rough for Sandy and needs a family where he can be the only, top dog. Unfortunately, thats not ours. We have been on the phone almost non-stop trying to get pointers and new ideas to try. From crating, to separating, from time outs. Earlier this evening we made the mutual decision with the contact from the rescue organization that Bosley deserves a family who can give him their sole attention. I am upset, but in the end know that its the best decision for both dogs.

The past two days have been emotional -- nervousness, fear, happiness, worry, and sadness. The lady from the rescue organization is going to keep us in mind and we aren't ruling out the possibility of having a second dog in the future. Or if we were meant to be a one dog family, thats ok too. My mom and I are going to start becoming involved in dog rescues doing transports, coordinating shelter pulls, and those sorts of things.

You're a great dog Bos, and you will made some family very happy. We were just a detour on the road to your forever home. I'm sorry that we weren't it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Operation Bring Bosley Home

Yesterday, marked the one year anniversary of Sandy coming to live with us. She has been such a great, well-behaved dog. About three months ago, my mom and I started talking about adopting another dog. We love Sandy's laid back Golden Retriever personality, her funny antics, and her sunny disposition. We have been watching animal rescue websites looking at dogs, reading about their little quirks and setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Every time we would bring it up to my brother and stepfather, their answer was the same--Sandy's too spoiled, one dog is enough, our house isn't big enough for two big dogs. We would show them pictures of black labs with goofy big heads, golden retrievers with big sorrowful eyes, smart looking shelties. They remained firm in their answers. NO.

We emailed the lady who helped us find Sandy, she works with an organization called Golden Endings. They handle surrendered, neglected, or abandoned Golden's. She knew Sandy's personality and also could offer suggestions as to what to expect, what to be prepared for, things like that. Within a week she told us about an 18 month old male, who had been captured by the animal control officer after running free around a trailer park. His name was Bosley, he had a laid back personality, and he may have been hard to place because he didn't look like a picture perfect Golden. He had gotten caught under a fence or someone tied something around his mouth and he had some hair loss around his nose and up his snout. My mom and I saw Bosley's picture and that was it, he was the dog for our family, the only problem was convincing the guys.

The past two weeks we've been dropping hints like crazy. "Two dogs isnt that much more work than one." "Sandy's lonely, she needs a friend." "We can provide a loving caring home for another dog." They all fell on deaf ears. During these two weeks, my mom and I had been secretly buying things for a second dog--a collar, a leash, food and water dishes, Kong toys, etc. We were convinced that Bosley was our dog. When we were still unable to convince the guys, my mom went for the jugular. Saturday morning she printed off pictures of Bosley, wrote pleading messages and taped them EVERYWHERE. In the washing machine. In the fridge. In the cabinet. On their car steering wheels.

Her ploy, loving called Operation Bring Bosley Home, worked. My brother caved first. And my stepdad caved too. It helped when my stepsister called home and said "How's Bosley doing?" Yes, she was in on the plot too.

Tonight, we completed our operation and Bosley came home! He is a small golden retriever and so far all is well. He was very timid at first and Sandy, excited to have a new playmate kept plowing him over like a bulldozer. They played, ran, stole toys from each other and are now zonked out in the middle of the floor. Things are going smoothly now, but any advice on having two dogs will be appreciated!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cuteness and Further Proof That My Mom Is Cooler Than Yours

First the cuteness...

And the further proof that my mom is cooler than yours...

Friday night my mom and I decided we needed to end the week with frozen drinks. It was quickly decided upon that we would kill the rest of the TGI Friday Blenders. After rock, paper, scissoring (BTW did you know there was a World RPS Society?) to see who would make the drinks, she went about the task of making the drinks. See this drink?
Its basically proof that I get all my genius genes from my mother. Not only did she take the Strawberry Shortcake Blender and add chocolate syrup, she took it a step further and added a banana. Why did she add a banana? According to her, "adding a banana makes it healthy!"

In addition to her doctoring of alcoholic beverages, she also busted out one of the best lines ever from the Die Hard Movies. "Yippie kay yay muthafuka!" For the life of me, I can't even remember why she said it, but I can tell you that I almost peed my pants after she said it.