Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jersey Boys: The Show

On Thursday evening, I  spent the evening in Pittsburgh, attending the Broadway Across America production of Jersey Boys: The Musical.  I asked my younger cousin, Kaitlyn to attend the show with me, she'd seen it before in New York and we were long over due for a good cousin hang out.

We actually made the trip into Pittsburgh fairly quickly and were able to grab dinner before the show at the Proper Brick Oven and Tap Room, which was absolutely the right choice.  After dinner we walked up the street to the Benedum, picked up our tickets and settled in for a wonderful show.

Both Kaitlyn and I had seen the show before, but the music makes this play. The story line follows four blue collar kids from New Jersey, who all have various run-ins with the law, as they grow up and eventually become The Four Seasons. As the play progresses, the audience learns about the group, the members, their rise to stardom and the eventual breakup of the original group. The show covers several years but the music beautifully moves the story seamlessly along, concluding with a little bit about the four original members after their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the interview, I had the opportunity to do with the four actors who played the Jersey Boys, one of them mentioned that being in the show was like putting on a concert every night. I was able to see that more clearly this time around and when looking around at the audience, it was almost like being at an actual concert-- people were singing along, dancing in their seats and generally, just having a really fun time interacting with the actors. The minimal set design allows both the story and music to take front and center stage.

Overall Kaitlyn and I both loved the show and the iconic music was an incredibly delightful way to spend an evening.

Jersey Boys is playing at the Benedum Center through October 4th. If you love the music from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, definitely check out this show!

Disclosure: I was provided two tickets by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. The thoughts and opinions in this show are my own.