Friday, October 10, 2014


Summer has faded into the much cooler, rainier days of autumn and while usually I’m sad to see summer go, this season I’m looking forward to fall. Often seen as a time for renewal, for fresh starts, and for tucking yourself into the house just a little bit earlier now that the suns setting earlier the fall season brings many things: seasonal baked goods, quiet evenings with close friends, hot tea and blankets.

For me the fall season is also bringing earlier mornings and longer evenings. After two years and some odd months, I had the ability to shift my hours. While this means my alarm going off at an ungodly hour, it also means quieter mornings in the office before most people trickle in at 9 or 10. After a week of new hours, I will never be pegged a “morning person” but, I don’t mind the early mornings as much as I thought I would. The longer evenings are certainly a welcomed change. I’m hoping this brings more time for writing and reading and all the other things I love but haven’t really been making time for, though, if I am being completely honest, its currently allowing me more time for binge watching all the episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix., which also leads to me double locking all the doors on the house and the windows, but that’s another post.

I’ve been away from writing, truly writing and not just putting up a review or fluff piece, for a while now and I miss it. Blogging has changed a lot from when I first joined this ever growing community and I know it will never be the same. I’ve stopped journaling too and there is really is no explanation. One day I just stopped and I haven’t started again. In some ways it’s been freeing, living life without the need to document or feeling the need to make a record of events but its also been something I’ve missed. Not writing my thoughts and feelings sometimes makes me feel disconnected from others and more importantly, myself. It’s also shifted my focus away from social media to a degree. I used to love scrolling through Twitter, obsessively sometimes any free change I had, but these days, most days, I only open up the app once or twice. Maybe that will change again, but if it doesn’t I’m ok with that.

This fall, I’m looking forward to making more time for writing. And looking forward to adapting summer rituals into fall rituals when they can be. I’m excited for fall evenings with a hot beverage warming my hands while catching up with friends, whether they are the next town over or far away. I’m looking forward to pumpkin flavored everything and pulling out my KitchenAid more often and trying some new soup recipes. I’m excited for hooded sweatshirts and crisp air. I’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change and drinking some of my favorite wines that go better with this season than the previous one.

What are you looking forward to this season, friends?