Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In a matter of hours the year will draw to a close and a new one will start. I’m feeling grateful today for all the kindness and affection that was so generously bestowed upon my family this past year. The year brought changes, endings and new beginnings. Despite everything that happened, I don’t feel an urgent need to see 2013 out the door. Instead it can gracefully pass with the sweeping of a clock’s second hand past the number 12 and a new year can begin anew.

Next year, I resolve to be more kind both to others and myself, to take that kindness and affection that was graced upon my family and hopefully, extend it others. We all have our struggles, trials, and shortcomings; this year I've learned the only way to get through those times is with the help of others.

Thanks for sticking around for another year; I continue to be amazed at the wonderful relationships this blog has brought into my life.

Happy New Year to you and yours, friends! May the New Year bring peace, comfort, and joy.