Thursday, October 10, 2013


tr.v. re·in·vig·o·rat·edre·in·vig·o·rat·ingre·in·vig·o·rates

To give new life or energy to.

I've been in the Outer Banks for just a little over 24 hours and am already starting to feel calmer. I can't help but feel more peaceful while sitting on a third story wrap-around deck in the dark with only the light from my laptop, a few crickets and the crashing of waves in the background as my current company. My breaths are deeper, my smiles genuine, my sleep more sound. 

The soft light from the great room wafts out on the deck with the occasional dog barking (there are three of them, tomorrow there will be four). Faint murmurings of my family from inside an incredibly beautiful home. This, my friends, is how to vacation. The trip made even better because its the off-season so there are fewer people around. 

While I am a self-admitted child of the mountains, I'm fairly certain I could get used to this life incredibly quickly. The windy, salty breeze truly does wonders for the soul.  

And, I think Sandy likes it here too.