Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Flipping the calendar on a new month is always a bit of a fresh start and this month brings one of my favorite times of the year, fall. Maybe its the pumpkin flavored everything, the fact that the weather cools off, or that life seems to slow down a bit, but fall has always held a certain charm for me.

While I didn't intend to spend the summer away from my blog, as weeks passed, its something that just sort of happened. Summer passed before I knew it and suddenly it was Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to summer.  This summer was different from other summers, much calmer and quieter, although evenings and weekends were still full of general busy-ness and a rotating cast of friends and family. 

This summer, for me, was about reconnecting and making more time and space in my life for the people who genuinely want to be a part of it. A former childhood friend unexpectedly re-entered my life and after a few awkward dinners, the several years we weren't in touch have faded away, replaced with newer memories and laughs shared over drinks. I reconnected with a few former teachers/mentors, one I hadn't seen in over ten years. Some friendships took on deeper meanings, the kind the only comes with nearly thirty years of friendship--started in a dance school between mothers, passed on to daughters. The sort of friendship that withstands husbands, children, geography and anything else that life may bring. I logged a lot of time with my 18 year old cousin, watching her navigate that odd place between childhood and adulthood. 

Summer included a few shows at the theater with my mom, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Little Mermaid. A quick weekend trip to DC to visit my stepsister and her husband, which also included an evening with Lisa and Becky. I saw a few awesome bands like The Steel Wheels. One evening, I drank wine in a Victorian mansion and painted a picture I'm really proud to hang on my wall. I celebrated my one year anniversary at my current job and realizing that it is possible to really love what you do. Unofficially saying goodbye to summer with a riverfront wine and jazz festival followed by the first fire of the new season. Drinking in scenery I've seen all my life but never tire of and over all, a lot of inhaling and exhaling. 

Now that the seasons are starting their shift, its time to refocus my energy on reconnecting with my blog and the blogging community. I miss writing here on a regular basis and plan on making time for posts and reading more of a priority. 

Now tell me, how did you spend your summer? Are you looking forward to fall? What else have you been up to?