Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up

Days pass, I think of posts to write, life happens and my new computer sits in the corner collecting dust. 

My family and I have been finding our new normal and the process of going forward. I helped my mom tackle the project of water sealing the deck and have been spending lots of time with my cousins. There was a Barry Manilow concert. Three cousins who went two different proms. New traditions of crackers, cheese and drinks on the deck on Friday nights with family and friends. There's been a renewed friendship with someone who was once as close as a sister and a widening crack in a friendship that has been waning. A close friend lost his mom suddenly. Work days were long. One cousin is preparing for her high school graduation in less than a week. Days are slipping by  so quickly and I feel like I'm barely present before running off to the next thing. 

Last week in a bit of a clumsy  moment, I severely strained a tendon just under my knee forcing me to cancel all the weekend plans I'd made. I was bummed to cancel plans, but I suppose its  the Universe's way (albeit really, really painful way) of saying, "Look, sister, slow down." According to the doctor, I'll have to rest my leg as much as possible over the next two to three weeks which give me plenty of time to catch up on reading and blogging...two things I really love but have been neglecting. 

So, tell me, whats been going on in your lives, lovelies?