Monday, April 08, 2013

Guest Post: This Too Shall Pass

Sometimes you feel like you're drowning and you've forgotten how to swim. The waves are coming faster, growing taller, and you're gasping for breath. You're reaching up, hoping someone, anyone, is there to save you. You're struggling with everything inside of you and praying that this isn't the moment that will break you. Please, don't let it be this moment that breaks you.

Sometimes you feel like you're never going to be enough. You'll never be fast enough, never be strong enough, and of course, never be thin enough. You'll never be able to do those things that other people do. You'll never be brave enough, rich enough, or smart enough. You'll never be where they are and you'll never be that successful. Your life won't be what you imagined and you'll never be enough.

Sometimes you feel like you're faking it. Every single bit of it. You're faking the positive energy and the fact that you have it all figured out. It feels like you're trying too hard, pushing too hard, and soon, everyone will see what you see. This facade, this mask. It's not really you, it's just how you cover up your fear and insecurity.

Sometimes you feel like your trapped inside a hurricane. Swirling and twirling and there's no way out. Spinning and spinning. You've lost sight of center and so you collapse into the weight of the wind. No where to go.

And that's when you finally take a moment to breathe.

Remember, you are not alone. You are not the only one who fees this way. You are not the only one with questions as you walk into the hazy glow of the future.

Put on your yoga pants. Inhale and then exhale. Stretch. Move your body. Focus on you. Not the chaos, not the stress, and not the fear. This, right now.

Remember, we don't expect you to have all the answers. We don't expect you to be perfect.

Make a hot cup of chamomile tea and open your journal. Be honest with yourself and be open. Admit to yourself that you can't do it all. You can't keep spinning these plates without one of them crashing to the floor. You can't keep running at full speed without burning out. Admit that you don't have it all figured out and that scares you to your core.


Let yourself feel afraid, embarrassed and insecure. You cannot intellectualize your way out of this, so let this be a day of grey clouds and tears. Let yourself be this imperfect mess.

You are still perfect anyway.

And eventually, without grasping for it, something will change. The clouds break and the sunlight will peek through the window. You will breathe again and the tears will stop. Your heart won't feel so heavy.

And you will know you'll be okay.

You'll know that this too shall pass.

Ashley Wilhite is a Life Coach who helps courageous women break free from expectations, create radical change, and begin living a bigger, bolder, more radiant, super awesome life.  Whether you want to move across the country, backpack through Thailand, become a yoga instructor, write a book, or quit your soul-sucking job, Ashley will help you change your life, one daring adventure at a time! You can find Ashley aYour Super Awesome Life.