Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Singing and Dancing Nuns

Most of my life, I’ve had an odd fascination with nuns . I’m not sure when it started exactly, but likely stems from too many childhood viewings of The Sound of Music or The Trouble with Angels (one of my mother’s personal favorites). At one point in time I seriously proclaimed I wanted to be a nun. Its worth mentioning, at this point,  that I was probably eight or nine at the time and I’m not Catholic, but hey, I thought nuns sang, danced, and partook in communion wine fairly regularly. Over the years, I figured out what being a nun was truly about and eventually, in college, found a nun who became a very important figure in my life. While over the years my view on becoming a nun changed , my fascination with them didn’t (thanks in large part to the movie Sister Act, because again, singing and dancing).

Last week when the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust offered me two tickets to see the Broadway Across America tour of Sister Act, of course, I accepted, because, honestly, singing and dancing nuns! Plus, going to the theater is one of my favorite pastimes to share with my mom. I knew it would be a fun night out for the both of us.

Sister Act: A Divine Musical Comedy is a lighthearted, fun show full of lessons, laughs, and great music. Composer Alan Menken provides a full bodied musical score chock full of head bobbing, toe-tapping numbers such as “Take Me To Heaven,” “Raise Your Voice,” and “The Life I Never Led.” Most of the musical numbers included the full ensemble, rather than individual solos (though there were some of those too), which was a nice, albeit a bit loud, switch from most other musicals I’ve previously seen. The cast of characters closely follows some of the most memorable characters from the Sister Act movie, including Sister Mary Roberts, a young postulant, and overzealous, enthusiastic Sister Mary Patrick. Lael Van Keuren’s (Mary Roberts) rendition of “The Life I Never Led” in the second act was one of my favorites from the entire evening. The costuming for the show is spectacular and has enough glitter and glitz (which makes for an awesome final number) to make you think you’re seeing a Vegas show. Full of funny one-liners and great dialogue this show doesn’t disappoint.

This show is currently running in Pittsburgh at the Benedum Center through Sunday, February 10th. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, stop by this weekend for a fun show or visit the national touring site for more information about your area. If you don’t, it’s a sin! (Sorry, I really couldn’t resist.)

Disclaimer and all that jazz: I was offered two tickets to the show by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. The opinions and thoughts contained in this post are all my own.