Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Saturday Afternoons

Spending quality time with my friends restores my soul and reminds me why I make the choices I do. Over the weekend I spent some time with one of my former professors and a classmate from college.  These are two women that I’ve known for over a decade and have heard it all from me – bull shit stories about why I didn’t show up for class, loathing for my major and all the damn papers I had to write, etc. They’ve also seen me change from that know it all  teenager into the woman who realized how little she does indeed know.

My professor was first my college advisor and mentor but somewhere along the line turned into a life advisor and mentor. She continues to push and encourage me in the direction I need to go and gives advice.  My former classmate remains a friend who, like me, is still trying to figure it all out. The three of us are in vastly different places than we were a decade ago, but as we sat around the table at the restaurant, it was as if time hadn’t changed. We sat at that table for hours discussing the past few years, other class mates we had lost track of, plans for the upcoming year and beyond. We laughed over memories and expressed worry over future situations. We stayed so long, the waitress offered to bring menus so we could order dinner. It had been well over two years since the three of us had all seen each other together. After close to 5 hours, we departed the restaurant, promising to not let so much time slip by before another meeting and a date a few months off already marked in our planners.

Afternoons spent catching up with old friends are some of the best. I left that gathering feeling renewed and happy, my heart light.