Monday, February 11, 2013

Coffee Understands

One of my favorite daily rituals is wrapping my hands around a warm mug of steaming hot coffee, closing my eyes, and completely savoring the first few sips of sweet, delicious coffee. As the liquid passes down my through my throat, I feel instantly calmed and at ease.

I started drinking coffee in the 8th grade, helping myself to cup after cup from the teachers lounge. I went through a period in time where I thought Starbucks was the only decent coffee. Now I'd much rather frequent the few local independent coffee shops in town. Over the years, I've abused it, drinking massive quantities to allow me to stay up for days on end to finish research papers in college. I've enjoyed it black, with creamer and two sugars. I've enjoyed it latte form and iced. I now enjoy it with a splash of creamer (my current favorite is vanilla cinnamon) and a few shakes of ground cinnamon. I once quit coffee, but then went back, not being able to stay away.

Nowadays, coffee and I have a much more amicable relationship. It connects me to friends, as we swap stories at our local coffee shop. Its something that I enjoy alone, while reading a book or getting lost in thought. Its something that I partake in, waiting for my work computer to boot up and responding to those first emails in my inbox. Coffee helps awaken me and connects me to my day. It grounds me, stabilizes me, and sustains me. Coffee calms me and restores me. Regardless of whatever I may doing in the moment, coffee understands.

Do you have a daily ritual or favorite beverage that you look forward to on the regular?