Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taking a Moment

In our digital age, it’s incredibly easy to get swept from one moment to the next. There are always emails to return, text messages to send, blogs to read (and write), tweets to catch up on, and phone calls to make. I, as well as many of you, have become accustomed to being bombarded by information from all directions. With the constant flow of social media and other distraction buzzing in the background, how quickly we forget to stop everything and just simply take in the moment, to appreciate where we are and what is happening before us. 

On Monday, I remained largely glued to the television watching the peaceful continuation of power unfold, admiring America for all its pomp and circumstance, and happily watching President Obama give his second inaugural address. My favorite moment of the telecast happened when the ceremony concluded. President Obama walked up the steps, then turned around, paused and simply took in the sight of what was before him – other political dignitaries, past presidents, Justices of the Supreme Court, friends, family, and millions of American people. What a moment that must have been for him. (You can see video footage here.)


While our own moments likely won’t be witnessed by many, it doesn’t make those moments any less grand. Our lives are unfolding before us and often times we’re only half paying attention. I’ve been trying to make it a point, every day, to stop at least once and take in the moment before me. Whether that’s driving to work on a frosty morning and being fully immersed in the sight of the fog lifting off the river into the hills or sitting quietly before bed, reading and petting my dog, its taking the time to realize that life is pretty great and maybe I should notice that just a little bit more often. 

Do you stop to be in the moment? What are some moments you’ve experienced lately?