Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes I ...

Sometimes I …

Celebrate the end of a week by going out to lunch with a friend/co-worker and drinking a beer.

Get bored rather easily, leading to somewhat odd, random and spontaneous decisions. Yesterday’s spontaneity resulted in me being ordained and filing for a license to become an officiant in the state of Ohio. So, yeah, I can now marry people and preside over funerals and baptisms. See? Random.

Read (or rather, listen to, in this case) a novel that makes me feel all of the emotions. I have read a lot of books lately but haven’t fallen in love with any of them. The End of Your Life Book Club is a beautifully written novel about the bond between a mother and a son , as well as, the power books have in our lives. Possibly more about this next week. If you haven’t read it though, I highly recommend it. And fair warning, I cried through the second half of this book. While at work. Not awkward at all. (Totally awkward.)

Need to be surrounded by color and warmth, so I plan to spend some time with Lindsey at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Its been gray and cold here in my part of the world, so wandering aimless through room after room of flowers while having great conversations will be a fantastic way to help combat the winter doldrums.

Think an afternoon nap is the perfect past time for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Am still blown away by the power of friendship, especially those friends from the blogging community.

Your turn! Fill in the blank, sometimes I _______________________________________________.