Sunday, September 16, 2012


I've been away from blogging regularly for quite a long time. I never intended to step away from writing here in this space like I did but somewhere deep inside me, I knew I needed to stop. I was struggling in a lot of area's in my life that weren't healthy. I needed to shut the door and deal with things "in house" so to speak. I turned to my journals and my friends. Very few people had a glimpse in and that view wasn't something I was willing to share.

I thought that once I returned home, settling into a new routine among complete familiarity would lead to the urgent need to turn my thoughts into words. Surprisingly enough it didn't. I wanted to write and knew that I should, often times opening my computer only to blankly stare at a blinking cursor far too long before simply shutting the computer off. In retrospect as much as I wanted to write; I didn't feel like writing.

Feeling is a large part of why I write, it's how I write. Without that feeling, my words just didnt seem genuine or even true, so it was easier to let this space sit and wait for the time to come. I wasn't sure if it would come, sometimes I was afraid that I would never come back to this space. Lately though there have been twinges of inspiration. A yearning to get back to checking in some of my favorite blogs daily, wanting to actually comment instead of just lurking. Ideas are slowly coming and slowly but surely, I'm hoping to make my way back to this space and writing again. I miss the community and the back and forth with individuals.

The past 12 months brought about a lot of struggling. I've resolved a lot of those thoughts, feelings, and conflicts. I'm finally at a place where I'm ready to share again and really looking forward to sharing again. I'm ready to put the past several months behind me. With summer slipping into fall, it seems like a wonderful time to get back to writing.