Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homeward Bound

I'm headed to Ohio for a long weekend! I'm driving the 10+ hours myself so please send good thoughts for a safe trip. I'm beyond excited to be going home. I'll be logging quality time with my mom, brother, and stepdad. There will be sleepover with my younger cousins complete with late night talking, pretzel baking, and giggling. I'll celebrate mother's day with my whole family. I get to see my dog! There are plans for a trip to the Fiesta outlet (side note, if you want anything let me know!). On Monday, I  have an on-site interview for a new position. Keep your fingers crossed for me friends.

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

I am so looking forward to driving familiar streets, seeing the beautiful landscape of the foothills, and the river. 

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