Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I do fun things but then neglect to blog about them. Earlier this month I spent a Saturday hanging around River Street in Savannah, which is probably my most favorite place in the city. I sampled treats at the candy store, walked through an open air market, ate ice cream while watching the river pass by, and relaxing on a river boat.

Sometimes I get really homesick for home. Its been happening a lot more lately, I haven't seen my family (or dog) since Christmas. A trip home is definitely in order so I've decided to go home Mother's Day weekend. Its a long drive to make by myself, but my need to see my family outweighs the 11 hour drive. Fingers crossed I have good weather to road trip home that weekend!

Sometimes I read some really great books that sweep me off to another time and place. I've read a few of those books lately and I'm excited to share them with you in up coming posts.

Sometimes I get frustrated about my situation. I've had several phone interviews (and actually have another one today), a few second phone interviews, but no job offers. I know these things take time and the right opportunity will happen when its supposed to, but sometimes, I get really impatient.

Sometimes I go for days without wearing makeup, then there are days like today, that are absolutely red lipstick days. I've found my perfect red. It makes me feel powerful and confident, well, even more than I usually do. As an added bonus, it has elicited some interesting comments from my very Southern, very conservative co-workers.

Now its your turn! Fill in the blank. Sometimes I ____________________________________________.