Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Living Moment

The living moment is everything. ~D.H. Lawrence

With the sun setting on my time here in my little valley, I've been concentrating on simply being in the moment with  people rather than things, like my computer or camera. And so, my little corner of the internet has been a bit neglected.

Plans for Georgia are falling into place. I've put a deposit on a duplex that will become my landing spot for the next twelve months. I've arranged for utilities to be turned on, bought a (new to me) washer and dryer, accumulated other random pieces of furniture like end tables and tv stands. I am officially leaving Ohio on Thursday the 29th.

Packing up my life into boxes has been quite the process that leaves me wishing I was more like my Type A friends. Instead of attacking it with vigor and intensity, I'm all over the place. I am happily content to wander around dropping random things into boxes with no rhyme or reason, and I usually forget to label the boxes so unpacking will be lots of fun. I'm not a fan of packing so I haven't really made it a priority. The next few day though it absolutely will be.

I've spent lots of time these past few weeks reflecting and generally being a big ball of emotion. I'm excited to begin my new adventure but am also sad to be leaving behind my life here. I've cried driving down a road that I might not drive down again for some time. I've pulled over to admire the sun reflecting off of the river just because. I've gotten teary while talking with friends about moving on. I've lingered over little moments far longer than necessary because I didn't want the moment to end.

While I am looking forward to my up coming journey, right now, nothing is more important to me than this moment, this hour, this day. I'm living in the here and now as much as I can. I'll think more about Georgia when I get there in less than two weeks. For now I'm relishing cuddles with my dog (who is staying here in Ohio), having another conversation with my mom, and am enjoying time with friends while I can.