Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Thoughts

With summer quickly waning and an exciting new adventure on the horizon, I'm filled with thoughts of summer. This summer was different from other summers, ones where I flung myself into plans, road trips, and endless concerts. Instead this summer included quality time with my momma and other family and friends. There has been lots of deck drinking, porch sitting, and just quiet evenings at home. I've seen my friends few  times but instead of concerts we spent the evenings talking long after darkness had fallen.

My fourteen year old cousin spent a lot of time with me this summer, which was really good for both of us. She's at the critical juncture of adolescence where she's becoming more of the person she wants to be and less the person other people expect her to be. Watching her grow and change has been a unique opportunity I'm glad to have had. We have grown to depend on each other for snark, a laugh, and a sounding board. This summer, she lost the last bit of her childhood innocence when she lost someone close to her very unexpectedly. We really did need each other. She continually made me laugh and reminded me that state of being unemployed was only temporary. She encouraged me, was adventurous in trying new recipes with me, and reminded me of the power of Mt. Dew.

I've savored conversations and moments with my mom whether that be dinner on the deck or just sitting watching her make jewelry. Its times like that I am going to miss the most once I move away.

I'm finally starting the packing process, but I plan on savoring this last week of summer before fall quietly slips in during the next few weeks. This weekend there will be a concert with friends, seeing another friends twin boys be baptized by their grandfather, and hopefully lots of deck drinking and porch sitting.

My writing has been sparse this summer and I've come to terms with being ok with that. This summer I've perfected the act of just being (while frantically searching for a job). I plan on spending the next month enjoying the time I have with family and friends before departing for Georgia, having lots of "lasts," and packing. Its a lot to get in but I'm up for the challenge. Thanks for sticking along with me this far, I hope you all continue following along as I start the next chapter of life.