Tuesday, August 09, 2011

An Intentional Making Space

"It was an intentional making space - a stepping back, a letting go, believing, knowing, opening up. It was the way she wanted to live. And it was her declaring that to herself. She smiled, closed her eyes and said yes to mystery. And said yes to life." ~Terri St. Cloud

Over the past few days, this quote has become my mantra. An intentional reminder that I needed while traveling to Georgia and throughout the interview process. A part of my heart fell in love with Savannah -- brick lined streets, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, historic little squares with fountains, an absolutely breathtaking river street that runs parallel to the river complete with river boats docked along the shore. It was everything I imaged it to be and much more. The university campus was just as charming. The people were all wonderful and it was overall a fantastic experience. 

I could picture myself there. As much as I thought I wanted to be in a big city, urban environment, in my heart, at my very core, I'm a small town girl and its where I'm happiest. Life there would be simple and uncomplicated, laid back, calm and peaceful.

I'm holding this quote close to my heart and reading it a few times a day. A reminder that this is exactly how I want to live my life. 

Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, sending of good vibes and for crossing your fingers. Knowing you all believed in me and were pulling for me helped me more than you will likely ever know.While I am waiting to see how this experience unfolds, I'll be making space in my life for new opportunities, new ideas, and new adventures.