Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

About a month ago I had a revelation. For a long time, I've had my sights set on Washington, DC and have been working really hard to get there. But then I had a phone interview with a university in Georgia, suddenly my world shifted, my instincts were telling me that there is something to my life story I'm meant to uncover there, and I felt an incredible peace I haven't felt about a decision in a long time.

On Thursday morning, I'm getting on a plane and heading to Georgia for two days of intense interviews with that university. I really hesitated writing about this, but the truth is, I need all the prayers and well wishes I can get. This job is something that would not only challenge and push me professionally, but its also something I would really enjoy doing.

When I received the final interview itinerary last week, I had a few solid hours of freaking out. Thankfully some wonderful friends and family swooped in to calm my nerves. One friend shared her stories, tips, and recommendations based on her own intense interview experience. Another friend (and her dad!) provided an incredible amount of information to help me prepare. My fourteen year old cousin, fresh off of watching every single episode of Make It or Break It (a teen drama about elite gymnasts) coached me through my freak out by telling me "You've got this, Mandy! You're the best! Do it!" Basically all the encouraging phrases she picked up from the show, which only made me love her even more.

I've spent several hours prepping. I've thought of different scenarios from past experiences. I've diligently researched the school, the interviewers, and the areas I'll be visiting. I've spoken with friends who's opinions I greatly trust and value. I'm more prepared than I have ever been for an interview. I'm ready to rock my two days in Georgia.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends! If you could say a prayer or send good thoughts, I'd really appreciate that too.