Friday, July 08, 2011

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I wish I had a British accent, some words just sound better.

Sometimes I spend hours watching teen dramas on Netflix with my teenage cousin, we started Make It or Break It and its highly addictive. I recommend proceeding with caution.

Sometimes I need to shut off the internet, turn off my phone, and walk away from all things technological. I am by no means constantly plugged in all the time (FYI, I still keep it old school with a Motorola Razr, that's right, just like your grandma's) but sometimes its just too much.

Sometimes I am really bad at waiting and patience. I spent most of this week waiting for a phone call. One that hasn't come yet but I did get an amazing email that made the week of waiting all that better.

Sometimes I drag things out. Really boring tasks that I deem unworthy of my time, like cleaning. Hard core, purging cleaning. I loathe that task and will do just about anything to avoid it. I broke down this week, started tackling it head on, and it felt good. I plan on doing more this weekend or maybe next.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am in the friend department. During my unemployment and subsequent interview process, my friends have been amazing and so supportive. I really can't thank them enough.

Sometimes I drink far more coffee than I should, but this summer have become addicted to making my own frappuccino's or other blended coffee drinks. They are the perfect beverage to sip while enjoying the early morning hours sitting on the deck.

Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I __________________________________.