Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Life

Last weekend,  family friends lost their twenty-three year old daughter to a cause that is still currently unknown. On Wednesday evening, I stood in a long line at the funeral home to hug her family and offer words that seem woefully inadequate to the pain they are feeling. On Thursday morning, I had the chubby fingers of a beautiful nine month old baby wrapped around my hand, tears slipping quietly down my cheeks as she laughed and bounced up and down; blissfully unaware, that at the same time, her mother was being laid to rest. My heart hurts beyond measure for this family--for the parents who lost a daughter, for a little girl who won't remember her mother.

I live a beautiful life and I don't acknowledge that nearly enough. Just waking up in the morning is truly a gift. After the events of this past week, I need to make a much more conscious effort to thank my lucky stars for the life I'm living because at any given moment it could end. 

Make your days count, friends, and be thankful for each and every day. We only get this opportunity once.