Monday, June 13, 2011


Over the weekend one of my closest friends from college added an album called "College Memories" to her Facebook albums, then proceeded to fill it with silly, awkward, and downright embarrassing pictures that brought back some great memories. Thankfully, she made the album private and viewable only to those of us actually in the pictures who had  lived those fun times.

There were pictures of us dressed up wearing feather boas to the local dive bar because we had lost a dare, us on campus well after midnight fooling around on the quad, midnight runs to the local all night restaurant in our pajamas during exam week to share dessert. Pictures of a keg party at someones house where we were all gathered on the front porch. We were all smiling and happy. Together.

Looking through those pictures took me back to my college days and the times my friends and I shared. What struck me about those pictures though was how young we looked. We were all just kids. Kids who thought we had life figured out and knew how to conquer every obstacle that dared to stand in our way. We had a naive confidence and a complete false sense of reality. We had no idea what life would have in store for us, the various roads we would travel to different destinations. 

What those times together did give us, though,  was each other. These amazing friendships that sustain us, binding us together over time. Giving us each other to lean on when times get hard, to celebrate with when things go right, and to have each other to hold on to during those in between times. People who hold a shared past with us while wanting nothing best for our future. We've gone from being naive kids to adults who now realize how very little they really knew. And while the college pictures are fun to reminisce about, its my tried and true friendships with those people that make me smile.

Did you find some incredibly friendships in college that have sustained you over the years?