Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The District

Earlier this afternoon I had an interview in DC with an organization that is a small nonprofit and I think it would be a really great fit with my background, a good position to sort of start out with if I were to move here permanently. I would be doing the sorts of things I am interested in doing and the company is small enough that I wouldn't be dealing with a lot of the corporate crap I did in a previous job. The people from the organization I spoke with seemed really positive about the interview, so now the waiting game begins...the waiting to hope that they call soon, the waiting that they offer me what I want, etc.

As I was driving to my interview, off to one side of the car the Washington Monument rose majestically over the tree tops against the backdrop of a blue cloudy sky. Regardless of what vantage point I view the monument from, it always momentarily takes my breath away. This time I may have had goosebumps thinking that possibly soon, I could be seeing it on a pretty regular basis. I've made no secret of my desire to leave my small town, but the aspect that I've been less forthcoming about is how positively scared I am about actually doing it. In my  heart I know its time to shake things up, to be bold, to say "yes" to life. Seeing views like the Washington Monument though, would definitely help.

Tonight though, I am going to enjoy a glass (or two or three) of wine on the back deck with my family. I'm going to visit with one of my closest friends and her husband. I'm going to enjoy the evening knowing that I did the best I could possibly do at my interview and know that the outcome is out of my control. I am simply going to enjoy and relax.

Thanks you all so much for the encouraging words and text messages! You have no idea how much they all meant.