Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Holiday Weekend

I took a slight break from job hunting and writing this long holiday weekend to spend some extra time with my family and friends. Summer finally showed up here in the Midwest in full force with the sort of heat and humidity that physically clings to you, the kind that can only be relieved by a cold mid-afternoon shower or biting into a fresh strawberry or bite of watermelon.

The weekend involved long talks in the car with my mom while we spent an entire day having a fun girls day. And cheering on my grandpap as he completed a half marathon, his 17th annual race, which he completed in just over three hours. Not too shabby for a 74 year old who in the past two years had two knee replacement surgeries and received a pacemaker at the end of November.

The long weekend contained visiting with old friends, deck drinking, and one glorious afternoon nap. There was enjoying time with family, barbequing, talking as the sun waned. There were realizations that sometimes having a shared history and stories from childhood aren't enough of a reason to pretend that the friendship can last into adulthood and knowing thats ok. Some realizations that regardless of how far I think I've come, I still have a long way to go. The weekend was about slowing down, reconnecting, and reflecting.

How did you spend your long holiday weekend?