Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Believe In

Recently I had my belief's questioned and challenged. I really disliked that feeling of being cornered, then grilled,  and being asked to explain why I believe what I do. The other day I was digging around the archives and found this post. It was a great reminder of how I really feel and it seemed appropriate to share it again as a reminder to myself. Theses are some things I truly, whole heartedly believe in....

I believe in buying myself fresh flowers for no reason other than I want something beautiful to brighten my space. I believe in brightly colored nail polish in the spring and summer, sometimes with a top coat that has sparkles in it, just for fun. I believe in rolling the windows down, turning the radio up, and letting the wind roll through my car taking away my cares and frustrations, just feeling the sun shining through the windshield. I believe in sipping on chocolate raspberry chai while sitting across the table from my best friend, listening as she regales me with tales from her 8th grade students, laughing as we remember a fun day and make plans for the not so distant future. I believe in saying I'm sorry when I know I'm wrong, letting go instead of holding on, and forgiving even when I think I can't. I believe that people are generally good; that they will choose to help others when they can and go out of their way to make life a little easier for someone else.

I believe in naps on rainy days and occasionally eating ice cream for dinner. I believe in laughing--especially the kind that makes my sides hurt, causes tears to roll down my checks, and leaves me gasping for breath. I believe in loudly singing along with song even if I don't know the correct words. I believe in saying I love you, often, and meaning it with every fiber of my being. I believe in crying when I need to, but then getting up and becoming even stronger than I was before. I believe in keeping secrets, wishing on stars, and writing letters to far away friends.

I believe in spending time in nature, whether that be lying on my back in the lush grass watching clouds pass overheard or talking a long walk with fall leaves crunching under foot. I believe in holding hands and bear hugs. I believe in sitting alone, watching as the sun sinks behind the hills, and thinking about all the glorious unknowns the future holds. I believe in dancing under the stars with friends to the sounds of a battery powered radio around a crackling bonfire. I believe in drinking a cold beer on the deck surrounded by my favorite people, watching the river lazily pass by on a warm summer evening. I believe in reading a book while sitting in the shade of a large tree full of green leaves that flutter in the breeze.

Above all, I believe in myself. That I know what is best for me. That I am stronger and much more capable than I give myself credit for. That I have the power to make my life anything I want it to be.

What do you believe in?