Friday, May 06, 2011

Beauty Bash!!

So, last weekend I drove six hours across the great state of Pennsylvania with some of my favorite people (my momma and a friend), to one of my favorite places (QVC!), for one of my most favorite events (The Beauty Bash!). This is the 5th time I've been able to attend the QVC Beauty Bash and each year has truly gotten better and better. This year was no exception.

My mom, our friend, and I headed out early Saturday morning. We pulled into QVC right in between the Saturday Beauty Bash sessions so we were able to scope out the much coveted Beauty Bash swag boxes, speak with some of the guests leaving the first session, and so some shopping in the Studio Store. While my mom made a beeline for the clothes, I meandered over to the jewelry section to try on some of the newest designs from some of my favorite jewelry designers (Carolyn Pollack jewelry holds a special place in my heart). I resisted the call of turquoise but did fall hard and fast for Kenneth Jay Lane's design of the royal engagement ring in simulated sapphire and diamonds. Sadly, I left without the ring but did snag a new mascara that I've been wanting to try, Tarte's Amazonian Clay mascara which makes my lashes look incredibly long.

After doing some shopping the three of us were able to take a QVC Studio tour, which took us on a behind the scenes look at how much work goes into showcasing products on air. Our wonderful tour guide, Marvetta, led us around for an hour and a half showing us the ins and outs of the studio. We were able to see the actual sets, where props and products are stored, and at one point even able to walk on a catwalk over the actual studio so we could see all the camera's and the host presenting on air. We were told about the hundreds of miles of cable that runs under the floors, the amount of work and quality of standards that vendors must meet to even sell their product  on air, and there were few fun anecdotes from our tour guide thrown in to make the tour incredible enjoyable.

 My mom, our friend, and me waiting for the Beauty Bash to start Sunday morning.

As much fun as Saturday was, Sunday was the day we were waiting for. After getting up early to make ourselves beautiful we were in line for the Bash at just a few minutes after 8 chatting with other Bash guests, discussing what we might get in our boxes, which vendors were our favorite and who we wanted to see. Like last year, QVC employees sold raffle tickets for chances to win donated baskets of product. The money goes to cancer research and a cause I'm always willing to donate to (especially if it means a chance to win extra product!). As we stood in line applying address labels (because we're efficient like that) and writing in our phone numbers, the three of us decided that this was our year to win an extra basket. They were checked, double checked, and creased before they were handed to an employee upon entering the venue.

After the doors opened we made a beeline for the Philosophy booth. The previous day my mom and I chatted with Dara, one of the main Philosophy reps who does on air appearances, for a good twenty minutes. As with most of the vendors, talking with her was like chatting with an old friend. We decided to visit their booth first for pictures and a peel. We were treated to Philopshy's oxygen peel which can I just tell you is like a little slice of heaven. It make my skin feel so hydrated and just so clean that I almost didn't want to get my make up done. Since its the Beauty Bash and against my personal line of thought to walk around such an event sans make up, I headed to the Laura Geller booth where here lovely artist Nina, applied some new products and color. Being a Geller Girl, I of course stopped to talk with Laura and let her know that I was the one who had interviewed her for my blog. She was so kind and gracious as always, I hated to leave but there were lines forming and other vendors to visit.

All of the Beauty Bash goodies displayed so guests could see what as included.

We spyed Ken Paves giving demonstrations of the extensions he sells on air, Ojon stylists fluffing and blowing out guest's hair, and ranodm women brushing their teeth with special whitening toothpaste. I visited the Mally booth to try their new makeup primer, tried on some red shades at the Lipstick Queen's booth, smelled new scents and tried so many lotions that I ran out of room on my arms. When it came time to pull the winners of the extra prizes, my mom, our friend, and I were still milling about the various vendors. The area gets really congested and its hard to hear. Only half paying attention to the voice on the loudspeaker, I heard my name called. I won! I wasn't entirely sure which basket my name had been pulled for, but after whisking my mom away form the vendor she had been talking to, the three of us made our way to the front so I could collect my prize. I ended up with over $700 worth of Dr. Denese skincare product. I was ecstatic, I adore the product and its something that's not really in the budget. We zipped over to the Dr. Denese booth where she and her assistants took the time to tell me a little about each product.

With Dr. Denese at her booth. 

The three hours went by quickly and soon found us out in the parking lot collecting our thirty pound box of beauty product. In what has become a yearly tradition, I tore into one of the boxes before the car was even out of the parking lot. On the way home I routinely pulled out various products for the three of us to oooohhh and ahhhh over. There are so many fabulous products I cannot wait to dive in and get started using all the different brands. 

Thanks as always QVC for a fantastic event! 

Disclaimer: I bought my own ticket to the Beauty Bash and was in no way compensated for this post. I just love QVC. A lot. More than any one person probably should. As for the other brands mentioned, again, they are some of my own personal favorites and I was in no way compensated by them.