Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes I...

Sometimes I think I am 100% ready to move away, other times I have second thoughts. On Friday morning while driving to my interview, I saw the Washington Monument and US Capitol building off in the distance. I felt peaceful, like I could drive past those sights every day while being perfectly content. Then I spend several hours with aunts and younger cousins, laughing, teasing, and talking. In moments like that I wonder how those relationships will change if I leave.

Sometimes I think unemployment does strange things to a person. I made plans with my grandma tomorrow to go tour the Fiesta Factory. Its something we have both wanted to do so it made sense to go while I'm off. I then had an offer to tickets to see a play in Pittsburgh tomorrow evening. In a moment of weakness, I asked my grandma to go with me since we will be in the area. This will be an interesting experiment., my grandma and I haven't spent so much time alone in years.  Here's hoping it turns out well.

Sometimes I am reminded to live and let live. I found out some news last night about a family member that was a bit disappointing. While the events happening in his life aren't what I would choose for him, this is his story unfolding, not mine. Just as I have to be free to make my own choices like potentially running off the big city, he has to be free to make his. The past few months I've been working on letting some things go and remembering that people are on their own paths for a reason.

Sometimes I think I'll be looking for someplace to hide for the next few weeks. Tomorrow my step-brother, his wife and their two little girls arrive for a two week visit. The weeks will also bring my step-sister, her husband and their two dogs on the weekends and my other stepbrother from New Orleans. Thats a whole lot of people. Easter is going to be one big loud chaotic day. I have a trip at the end of the month to West Chester, PA that is coming at the perfect  time.

Sometimes I am in awe of the friends I have, the friends that I've made through this blog are among my closest friends. They encourage me, support me, make me laugh and are never further away than a phone call. I celebrate life's milestones like engagements with these friends. They graciously let me stay at their homes and offer up their spare bedrooms in other cities. These friends have gone from being people behind some of my favorite blogs to people who I call when I have any sort of news people I can't imagine my life without.

Your turn! Sometimes I.....