Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty Bash Sneak Peek Part 2

In addition to having the opportunity to get a behind the scenes peek at the Beauty Bash from a QVC employee, I also had the chance to speak with make-up maven Laura Geller. If you've read my previous Beauty Bash posts than you know that I am head over heels in love with Laura's products. I started wearing them in my early college years and they are still among my tried and true favorites. Laura's booth at the Beauty Bash is always among the first stops I make.

Image courtesy of QVC

Laura Geller has been selling her make-up on QVC for over ten years and she has over 200 products available online through their website. Her line is a top selling brand on-air. Speaking with Laura on the phone (again as a result of the fabulous QVC employee Jessica Kinney), was one of those pinching myself to make sure its real moments. Laura is so incredibly genuine and real, the conversation was like speaking with a familiar friend.

When I asked Laura how she first brought her product to QVC, she warmly recounted the tale. She had been a fan of QVC and had the opportunity to meet the then head of QVC Health and Beauty who asked Laura to come up with a prototype product that she might like to sell on air. Pulling from her extensive make-up knowledge, the help of a friend who created an instruction booklet, and the husband of a client who helped develop a bag, Laura created a highlighting/contouring kit. After a few more meetings and discussions, QVC ordered 750 pieces. Using her mom's bridge table and a small army of her mother's friends, Laura was able to get the product delivered to QVC. The product sold out in minutes and QVC ordered double for the next show. Laura went back to New York, found a bigger bridge table and more of her mom's friends. Laura Geller had arrived on QVC with high-quality products that are truly multi-generational.

When discussing Laura's phenomenal booth at the QVC Beauty Bash, Laura's credits her right hand man Johnny Ottavino. In addition to being a superb make-up artist, Johnny is also a production manager who is responsible for bringing to life the yearly vision for the booth. This year, Laura promises that her booth will be a sampling of her NYC store -- an inviting place where the artists talk with the guests. Laura's team strives to create an environment that is very similar to walking into a friends house, complete with coffee and cookies.

Laura and her team really look forward to the annual Beauty Bash event as much as the guest do. She reiterated the fact that having the opportunity to put faces to the names of her fans who comment on her blog and her facebook pages. For her and her team, its a chance to engage, swap ideas, and find out what people like or don't like. Every year when choosing a product to include in the Beauty Bash box guests receive, she usually chooses to include what she calls a "hero product"-- something from one of her best selling lines like the spackle or baked collections. While there are many who consider themselves "Geller Girls," the Beauty Bash is an opportunity for her to get her product into the hands of hundreds of new clients.

After speaking with Laura, I cannot wait to see what her booth at the Beauty Bash will include and have my make-up done by one of her fabulous artists. I'll be tweeting from the Beauty Bash event so be sure to follow along and visit back next week for a full recap of the 2011 QVC Beauty Bash!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by QVC to write this post. I love the company and the Beauty Bash event. A lot. More than should be allowed. I reached out to QVC via their twitter and was connected to a wonderful employee, Jessica Kinney, who arranged for me to speak with Claudia Lucas and Laura Geller.