Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beauty Bash 2011 Sneak Peek, Part 1

This Saturday I will be embarking on a desperately needed girls weekend with my mom and one of her best friends. We'll pack into the car early in the morning, heading east across the state of Pennsylvania, not stopping until we hit our destination -- West Chester, PA. Every year the Beauty Bash weekend at QVC is our weekend to step away from whatever may be going on in life -- this year its my job search and out of town visitors.

The QVC Beauty Bash brings together some of the top beauty vendors to allow people (mostly women) an inside look at new beauty products, a chance to interact with some of their favorite tv people behind the brands, and just a really fun time getting pampered. This year there are going to be four sessions and about 2200 people who will get to experience the event at QVC. Having attended the event for the past 4 years,  I thought it might be fun to write a few posts about the event, a little behind the scenes look at what goes into pulling off such a fantastic event like the Beauty Bash.After reaching out via their twitter account, a few days later I had the great opportunity to speak with some wonderful folks who gave me an insiders look at what goes into planning such a fun event.

Image courtesy of QVC
First I spoke to QVC employee Claudia Lucas, Director, Beauty Merchandising. According to Claudia, this year there will be 47 vendors showcasing their products at the 2011 Beauty Bash, some of the vendors may be new as they sell their products only on QVC.com. Tickets for the event sold out in only 30 seconds and this year the 2200 guests will be attending the event. (The fact that tickets sold out in so quickly, makes me even more excited to be taking part in the weekend!)

Planning for the event (which will be making the 7th year this year) began at the end of last year. QVC has a great team who about 3 months ago began lining up vendors, incorporating as many vendors as possible to encompass as many of the best brands. QVC employees really work with the vendors to accommodate them with the sort of space they want to have. In the past some or the larger vendors have spaces large enough to let them set up shop for make up artists to do makeovers or hair stylist the ability to style guests hair. Employees also work to make sure that the more popular vendors are spaced accordingly so guests can easily peruse all the vendors, avoiding long lines. http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=31803328&postID=1946045521493371788

Each year, guests leave their Beauty Bash session with a bag (or more recently a box) full of product that the vendors generously donate. The bags contains products that are newer or more current (within the past year) so guests have the opportunity to sample them. The hope is that not only will guests be introduced to new products and brands but also call in to the QVC testimonial line when the products are presented on air.  The estimated value of the bags are around $600-$1000.

When I asked Claudia if the QVC employees and the vendors enjoyed the Beauty Bash as much as the guests do, she assured me that they do indeed enjoy the unique opportunity to engage face to face with guests. The Beauty Bash provides the the valuable chance to get insights into what they are doing right, what they might do better, and what changes they might make in the future. Claudia stated, "Good brands always listen to their customer." Of course the Beauty Bash not only provides loyal customers the chance to visit with some of their favorite vendors, but also lets guests be introduced to new vendors and products.

I'm really hoping I get to meet Claudia on Sunday when attending the Sunday morning Beauty Bash session. I loved having the opportunity to speak with her and she provided a great overview of some of the planning and preparations that go into the event. When we spoke last Thursday, she said that the Beauty Bash boxes guests would get upon leaving the venue were currently being packed by a small army at another facility. I cannot wait to see what might be in those boxes this year!

When talking with Claudia we talked a little bit about how beauty brings women together. Women love to look their best, love learning about new techniques, and never get tired of talking about beauty products. I really truly love that QVC offers this event that brings women together like it does.

Be sure to check back later in the week for a look at the Beauty Bash from a vendor's point of view. I had the amazing opportunity to speak with the fabulous Laura Geller. In the mean time feel free to check out the main QVC Beauty website to explore some of their various brands and products.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by QVC to write this post. I love the company and the Beauty Bash event. A lot. More than should be allowed. I reached out to QVC via their twitter and was connected to a wonderful employee, Jessica Kinney, who arranged for me to speak with Claudia Lucas and Laura Geller.