Monday, February 21, 2011

My Life in Bullets

Life has been hectic the past few days, not really allowing for sufficient time for a decent post. So here goes, my life in bullets:

  • On Thursday evening I went to the coffee shop with two dear friends I've known for most of my life. Both of these friends have been married to their husbands for over 4 years and both are new pregnant. I'm in dire need of new friends to hang out with. While I am happy for my friends, I am having a hard time partaking in conversations that constantly revolve around pregnancy. They have a hard time understanding this. 
  • I was able to locate a bottle of whipped cream vodka. If you've never tried this, you have no idea what you're missing. Go find a bottle and then mix it with root beer, orange soda, or cola. My favorite is root beer, its like an adult root beer float. My Friday night consisted of this drink and The Cosby Show streaming on netflix. The show is so classically funny. 
  • Saturday morning I went to an outlet sale with my mom to buy some incredibly fun, brightly colored kitchen items at incredibly discounted prices. More on that later in the week, but because I adore you, readers, I also picked up a few items for a blog giveaway!
  •  I took my 14 year old cousin and her best friend shopping in Pittsburgh on Sunday. We drank Starbucks coffee (a rare treat they don't usually get with their parents), they tried on some ridiculous outfits they had no intention of buying, and there were lots of laughs. I love hanging out with my teenage cousins and am constantly blown away by what amazing people they are growing into. 
What's going on in your life these days?