Thursday, February 03, 2011

I'm The Sort of Woman

I’m the sort of woman that has never quite outgrown fanciful childhood whimsy. I’m very grounded but there are always some daydreams floating around in my head that have resided there for a very long time. Thoughts of hot air balloon rides up among the clouds into the sunset or traveling the world with my friends on wild excursions are some of the thoughts that make me happy.

I’m the sort of woman who laughs and marvels over text messages from my younger cousins, both because they are sometimes very absurd and because they remind how fleeting time really is. All too soon, my teenage cousins will be moving from middle school to high school to college in just a few short years. I remind them that the situation they are in isn’t permanent. It’s a good reminder for me as well.

I’m the sort of woman who is very protective of certain parts of her life. There are some details that I share with very few people. Some things are more special when not everyone knows about them.

I’m the sort of woman who is working on realizing that its ok to not like every person who comes into my life for whatever reason. There are some people the universe puts on my path, I need to learn from them; sometimes learning and liking don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

I’m the sort of woman who is incredibly scatterbrained and disorganized. I’m terrible at keeping track of the lists I make, my desk at work usually looks like a cyclone tore through, and even when things are organized (according to my standards) some of my friends still shake their heads and laugh. I don’t have a type-A bone in my body, which I’ve learned to completely embrace. I'm spontaneous and prefer to go with the flow, doing what I feel instead of whats written on a piece of paper.

I’m the sort of woman who loves bright colors. My bedroom is draped in bright colors like bright turquoise and rich purples, with chaotic color everywhere from reds, to oranges, to pinks. I wear colors together. While neutrals are staples in my wardrobe so are vibrant, fun colors. There’s enough seriousness in the world, bright colors are just more fun and quirky. (Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds is one of my favorite characters on television.)

I’m the sort of woman who cherishes time spent with family and friends. In the great job search, it’s very likely (and my hope) that I’ll be relocating. My roots here in my hometown are very, very deep but I know it’s time to uproot and find a new flower box in which to replant myself and thrive. In the meantime, I’m holding moments like shopping trips and Mexican dinners with my teenage cousins or family discussions over wine close to my heart.