Monday, January 17, 2011

Ordinary Moments

Laughter with friends over Mexican food. Conversations about the future over brunch. A car ride with my mom. Hugging my golden retriever. Doing dishes while looking out the window at snow. Picking out a friend’s birthday present. Hearing the voice of someone incredibly special on the other end of the phone. Late night talks with friends who are like family. Being ridiculously excited to play a video game. Day dreaming. Eating raw cookie dough while baking cookies.

Looking up into the black night sky while shivering against the cold. Afternoon naps. Text messages from people in the same room. Not having to scrape ice off the car windshield. Being surrounded by bright colors that make me happy. Gchat and skype dates. Drinking margaritas. Struggling to put together packages to send out to friends. Crying just because. Saying a prayer and wishing while sending out resumes. Allowing myself to be angry. Drinking coffee out of my favorite yellow mug. Rediscovering a brightly colored scarf once thought to be lost. Email exchanges with friends. Watching kids movies without any kids.

These days, I’m reveling in ordinary moments. Life is really, really simple at the moment and I’m ok with that for the time being. I’m not feeling off kilter or out of sorts like I sometimes do mid-winter. I’m taking every moment as it comes, the good and the bad. I’m laying low and recharging my batteries. I’m finding beauty in places I wouldn’t have normally looked. I’m working on overcoming some shortcomings and letting go. I’m practicing patience and failing miserably. I’m learning that’s ok too. I’m being more grateful and hopeful.

I’m finding beauty in ordinary moments. Do you?