Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally Friday

This week has felt like a marathon of a week, the first week back after a long holiday always seems to feel that way. My patience has run short, the stacks of paper and post-its on my desk seem to grow higher, and five o’clock seems always elusive. Mornings have been cold, sending me burrowing further under my covers each time I haphazardly smack the ringing alarm while not paying attention to whether I actually hit the snooze or the off button, the latter being the more dangerous. When I finally manage to drag myself from the warmth of my bed, I twist my hair around itself, shoving in hair pins to secure it into some mildly decent, work acceptable style while randomly pulling clothes out of my closet hardly caring if they match.

But, it’s finally Friday. The day that seemed to take forever to show up is moving along quite nicely. I’m not sure about where you are, but in my world, people are always a wee bit nicer on Friday making the day much more pleasant.

I’m ready to start the weekend that currently includes plans for a home cooked Mexican fiesta dinner with family and friends, Mario Kart playing on the Wii (a Wii has just recently found its way into my home, its provided lots of hilarious moments, sleepless nights, and more expletives than one can imagine), and the luxury of completely turning off my alarm. I’m giving myself the freedom to do nothing productive if I so choose and to just recharge my batteries after a long week.

Now tell me, what are you up to this weekend, friends?