Sunday, December 05, 2010

Moments and Wonder

The last few reverb10 posts deal with cultivating a sense of wonder and moments in life where one feels absolutely alive. Personally for me the two sort of go hand in hand.

I spent a lot of time feeling alive this past year. Quiet moments in deep reflection where I was so in tune to my needs it shocked me, laughing with friends or my younger cousins while being completely spontaneous, meeting up with blog friends for a bit of an adventure.  I also don't take myself (or life for that matter) seriously. Sure there are instances that demand absolute seriousness but more often than not, in the grand scheme of life, most moments aren't as serious as we make them out to be. When you let go of that seriousness, it lets a bit of childlike wonder seep in and take hold.

Yesterday evening was spent with my 15, 14, and 10 year old  cousins laughing, shaking my head while completely taking part in their shenanigans. While meandering through the Target Christmas section, the two oldest spontaneously decided to purchase four foot pre-lit Christmas trees and the decorations to adorn the branches. It made me incredibly happy to hear their giggles and excited voices as they made plans to string popcorn. Lately things have been a bit serious for them, so I was glad to be a part of that childlike wonder and excitement they felt.

Later that evening well after midnight, I was standing out on my deck amid swirling snow. The big fat fluffy kind that when they land allow you see every little intricacies of each individual flake. I recalled a childhood memory of running around my grandparents big yard with my grandpa, our tongues sticking out in an attempt to catch a snowflake or two. On a whim, I threw back my head, stuck out my tongue and proceeded to try to catch snowflakes on my tongue. If you've never stood outside in the black of night and tried to catch snowflakes on the tip of your tongue, I highly suggest it.

What sorts of events made you feel alive this year, how did you cultivate a sense of wonder?