Sunday, December 05, 2010

Letting Go: Smashing and Burning

Over Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to spend time with some of my closest friends. On a frigidly cold Saturday night I stood with four other women around a fire ring, watching one my friends past go up in flames. Fueled by an overwhelming need to set fire to some particularly painful memories, boxes of mementos were pulled from the attic. One by one, she opened them pulling out bit and pieces of her life that she completely needed to let go of. Pictures, clothing, knickknacks from trips, one by one she tossed them into the pile periodically stopping to douse them in gasoline and strike a match. Wine glasses with names and dates were thrown over the hill, smashed against trees, shattering and splintering into pieces representing promises broken.

Standing there in the cold November air, while I didn't physically burn any mementos there were some things in my heart that I needed to release. Watching my friend go through the pain of physically burning and smashing pieces of her past gave me the freedom to release some of my own. Seeing the ashes burning and smoldering reminded me that we can let go and start over again any time we choose.