Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giving In To My Inner Hermit

 For the past few weeks I've been edgy, crabby, and at times downright unpleasant. I blamed it on lack of sleep and spreading myself too thin. Last Tuesday, without a second thought, I completely cleared my schedule for the next few weeks with the exception of hanging out with my cousin and seeing the new Harry Potter movie at midnight on Thursday with a friend. I knew some friends were going to be disappointed but they thankfully understood.

When life gets too busy, when I'm being pulled in different directions, and when I'm feelings all out of sorts I tend to shut down, pulling way back to recharge and take inventory of what I really need to be doing. My down time these past few days has involved a Harry Potter marathon with my 15 year old cousin, baking lots of delicious treats, and losing myself in the words of books that have sat a little too long on my shelf. I've taken to my journal, jotting down thoughts and feelings. I've gotten swept away watching bad television and rediscovered the joy of napping, a short half hour siesta right after work does wonders for my evening productivity.

I've completely given in to my inner hermit. And I love it. Curling my fingers around a hot beverage, wrapped up in a blanket, reading is my own personal remedy for the busy-ness of life and I've been indulging in it. I've been refocusing, dreaming, and reassessing. I've been going to bed at a decent hour and at times ignoring the outside world for hours at a time, existing entirely  in my own little world.  While my head and my heart aren't in balance yet, I'm getting there. Taking a bit of a time out is what I needed right in this moment. In another week or so, the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving giving way to a flurry of friends, out of town family, Christmas and a best friends New Years Eve wedding. There will be plenty of time for togetherness and social interaction, but for the next several days I'm just going to continue my hibernation.