Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm The Sort Of Woman

I’m the sort of woman who’s heart holds on to a glimmer of hope, even when at times the rest of me feels like crumbling into a crying heap on the floor. Holding on to hope that the tide will turn, that the necessary pieces will eventually start to fall into place, and that the clouds will part are the sort of things that keep me going when the tunnel is dark.

I’m the sort of woman who treasures every moment spent with friends, whether that be a long distance phone call, a skype session, a bonfire, or a conversation over a steaming hot cup of chai. My friends are en extension of my family. The ones I turn to when I need a shoulder, the ones I call when I need uplifting, and the ones I seek out when life happens.

I’m the sort of woman who needs a change every once in a while, sometimes that comes by way of a new pair of shoes or a new color of eye shadow or a new hair cut. I’ve had ridiculously long hair for a while now, so I cut a significant amount off last week and am still trying to learn the intricacies of side-swept bangs, the hair dryer, and a round brush.

Lots and lots of layers. Still didn't quite have the hang of the bangs at this point so they ended up shoved behind my ears.

I’m the sort of woman who buys little things to send off to friends and then leaves them in bags in my room, waiting along with the big padded envelopes and cards to be sent off to faraway places. I’m finally dusting them off and sending them on their way to their new homes, where hopefully they bring a little slice of happiness.

I’m the sort of woman who once cold has a heck of a time getting warmed up. Blankets, sweatshirts, thick socks, and sleeping with the covers pulled up over my head are standard for me once the changing of the seasons turns the nights chilly.

I’m the sort of woman who hates getting up early, but every once in a while arises shortly before the sun to head into the hills to watch as the fog that settled into the valley between the foothills rises and burns off. There is something incredibly peaceful about watching the world slowly wake up, yawn, and stretch her arms.

I’m the sort of woman who loves searching for the beauty where others might overlook it (this applies to things as well as people and places). Over the weekend I scored a major deal when I purchased a well used, not often cleaned vintage KitchanAid mixer for $10 at a yard sale. She was sticky, dirty, and a tad bit gross but after two hours spent scrubbing the almond exterior with a magic eraser and soaking the bowl and attachments in the sink, she’s as good as new, in complete working order.

 Seriously! TEN DOLLARS!!

I’m the sort of woman who loves a bargain. This weekend after taking a detour from our planned route, my mom and I found ourselves at the Fiestaware Factory Outlet Store, about an hour from my hometown. We spent the better part of a rainy afternoon searching through bins for some beautiful, colorful functional pieces to brighten up our kitchen (her) and to tuck away for a time when I will have my own space to utilize and decorate (me). The prices were too good to pass up and the striations in color or small scratches only add to the character of pieces we purchased. Bonus points for it being manufactured in the USA (just a short jaunt up the river).

What sort of woman (or man) are you?