Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming, Icing, Showers, and Bonfires

This weekend was full of friends, family, and those little fun moments in life that make you remember how lucky you really are to be surrounded by so much life.

On Saturday, while running errands, my 15 year old cousin sent periodic updates as she was getting ready for her sophomore year Homecoming dance. She had been at my house earlier in the week to show me her dress, borrow jewelry, and share her excitement. Just before her date was slated to arrive, I showed up at her house to ooohhh and awww over her hair, take pictures, and see her off. My cousin doesn't like people to make a fuss over her, but granted the family an exception and allowed us to take pictures paparazzi style as she and her date posed on the front porch next to the fall flowers. She of course looked gorgeous in her flowing orange gown and she assured me she had a wonderful time. 

Saturday evening brought one of my best friends and her fiance in from out of town. Our plan was to decorate cupcakes for her bridal shower, finalize all the little details that go into such an event and over all be incredibly organized. Sounds like a great plan in theory right? In reality, we opened a couple bottles of wine and proceeded to look through boxes of pictures from my friend's childhood years. We laughed, reminisced, and blamed our  mothers for our bad hair styles. After polishing off the wine, we decided to get down to the business of icing the cupcakes which required skill and concentration we didn't quite have at that point in the late hours of the night. With some pink sprinkles and a few hours later, we considered the cupcakes not half bad and called it a night.

Sunday brought the actual bridal shower-- decorating, last minute stressing, a few freak outs, and then hugs and laughter. It was a few hours spent visiting with my friends family members and neighbors I don't see all that often any more, drinking spiked punch, and helping where I could lend a hand. At the end of a long day after gifts had been packing into cars and tables had been cleared, friends gathered for a bonfire. Being around a fire with some of my life time friends talking about the future, laughing at moments as they unfolded and just enjoying each others company couldn't have been a better end to a great weekend.

I'm incredibly behind on my blog reading, so tell me, how was your weekend?