Monday, August 23, 2010

An End of Summer

Usually, you won't find anyone who tries to hold on to summer longer than I do. In previous years I've extended my summers for weeks past Labor Day, soaking up every last possible drop of warm summer sun. This year though, I'm ready to call an end to one of my favorite seasons. While summer has been good to me and has been filled with visits to meet friends, left me with some great memories, and lots of fun times; there's something deep in my core that's aching to move on.

I've been going non-stop for a large part of summer, always chasing after the next unknown. Searching for new opportunities. Wondering what's happening next. Stressing out over possible scenarios. These combined with road trips to spend time with new and old friends, endless evenings spent drinking on the deck, and tailgating at some amazing concerts have me running on empty.

 I'm ready to slow down and take some much needed deep breaths. I'm ready to park my car on a Friday after work and to have the option to not start it up again until Monday mornings if I so choose. I'm ready to feel the shift that happens in the air marking autumn's official arrival. I'm ready to wrap my hands around a cup of hot chocolate while watching a high school football game next to the river on a Friday night. I'm ready to pull out my lightweight colorful scarves and kick up leaves underfoot while watching the dog romp on a hillside. I'm ready for Saturday night bonfires (its been too humid all summer) and Sunday's spent under a blanket reading.

I know I'm echoing several other bloggers when I say that I'm truly ready for fall and to usher in the next splendid season. I am going to be enjoying the last few days of summer (and August) with some wonderful friends. When September comes I'll be ready to embrace a new month and celebrate the next season.