Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Challenging, Life-Changing, Beautiful

On Monday, Katie posted a blog about how so many of her experiences, both the good and bad, can be summed up with three words--challenging, life-changing, and beautiful. She challenged her readers to recall their own experiences and share.

While I wish I could empty my thoughts by letting them freely flow in to actual written words instead of a jumbled, chaotic mess in my head; for the moment I'm unable to do so. At the present time, my blog isn't the proper outlet for all the thoughts and feelings I'm enduring. I'm currently processing though an experience in my day to day life that can most adequately be summed up by two of the three words Katie uses--challenging and life-changing.

This situation has taken hold of my heart causing it to become heavy, it's left me feeling weary and exhausted. It has had my stomach tied up in knots inducing bouts of stress, anxiety, and random craziness. I'm learning about other people and myself. I'm standing my ground, speaking up for what I believe to be right, and finding deep seeded courage I didn't know existed. I'm holding my head high, fearlessly looking (or at least pretending to be fearless) my opponent in the eye. I'm not going to back down. I'm being challenged and in that process I'm being changed.

While I'm not yet to a place where I can see the beauty in the situation, I know its there somewhere. Someday I will look back to this moment in time and realize its one of those challenging, life-changing, beautiful moments that shaped the person I will become.