Monday, August 09, 2010

Catching My Breath

The last five days have been a bit of whirlwind (at times a literal one), not exactly in a good way, and have left me feeling a bit behind on life.

There was a death in my family on Wednesday, followed by a severe storm/small tornado that caused some damage to family members properties and left over 20,000 homes (and some entire towns) in the county without power. There was slight chaos on Friday morning when a water break caused my family's home (the only home in my entire extended family with water where people were planning on showering before the funeral) to not have water. There was a funeral that could have been the script for a comedy of errors that entailed a funeral home without power, awkward hellos to family members that I had never met, and a miscommunication that left my family standing around an empty hole in the ground in a small country cemetery. There was a road trip to a family reunion that found me in a car with my grandparents for SIX hours. There were visits with extended family members that I don't see nearly enough and plans for the up coming months discussed. 

For the moment though, there are phone calls and emails to return, blogs to catch up on, deadlines to be met, and glasses of wine to be had. In the meantime, please tell me, whats been happening in your world?