Tuesday, August 03, 2010


"There's a perspective there and it's a human being in the
crossroads, in this pinnacle, in this precarious balance of
decision making. It's really about brutal honesty and about
going to war with yourself and hopefully winning. In a sense,
it's conceptual because every song on the record has that
perspective and comes from that place of self-examination,
change, ultimately rebirth and renewal. It's about this choice
to believe, and it's an optimistic choice even though the word
'lie' is in it, it's an optimistic title because no matter
what happens we collectively as a race continue to keep moving
forward regardless of the insanity." 
~Jared Leto

August is going to a big month for me, I think. The month is going to be crazy, fast paced, and will hardly leave me time to figure it all out. Maybe that's what I need, less time to think and over analyze every situation from a multitude of angles. I'm approaching this month like a child wildly swinging themselves across a set of monkey bars, gaining momentum as they go, not stopping for fear they will lose their grip and plunge to the ground below. This August I am choosing to believe. This August I am going to win. This August is going to be amazing.